Office Darts Game in 10 Minutes





Introduction: Office Darts Game in 10 Minutes

To celebrate the addition of "How-To" category of Linkadelic Magazine Here is an essential office project that guarantee hours of fun and takes only 10 minutes to build: The DIY Office Darts Game.

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Don't mistake these darts for toys just because they're made from office supply. You'll be surprised when you realize how accurate they are. They feel and fly just like professional ones.

Step 1: Ingredients

4 Matches
1 Rubber Band
1 Pin
1 Post it note
Printer (Optional)

Step 2: Take a Post-it Note and Fold It Just Like in the Pictures.

Step 3: Stick the Needle

Stick the pin into the post it note. The pin is the tip of the dart. The length of pin that sticks out depends on your matches' size. See the picture below to get the idea.

Step 4: Place the Matches on the 4 Folds of the Post-It Note. Hold Them Together.

Step 5: Use the Rubber Band

Secure the 4 matches with the rubber band. The rubber band should be tightly wrapped around the matches.

Step 6: Print the Target

Print the target from the file below. Make sure to adjust the size to the paper size on your printer settings so you will get a nice big target.

Step 7: Be Careful and Enjoy

Don't play next to people or animals. Make sure no one gets hurt.



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    you net to fold it like a triangle, then joint the 2 oposite tips and fold... I'm not Expert in english but i think you will figure it out if you think... xD

    how exactly do we reach this step? it somehow goes from being a triangle to being a triangle with multiple layers but the pictures dont help

    the best dart on instructables who votes for it "voted" (un featured vote)

    What would happen if you made some kind of stand that you could have some way to aim with it and you use something flame retardent for the wings and then lit the matches to make the dart propell but instead of having just a normal match you had some kind of match that was like gunpowder and would propel the dart? just a crazy idea of mine

    1 reply

    you mean a mini and slightly more dangerous bottle rocket with a sharp tip? you just got me thinking..

    This thing is so cool it should be featured.

    use strike anywere matchs OMG FLAMING DART FUN AWAY

    we used to do something similar in school. For the shaft we used the inner tube from a Bic pen (messy) or a mechanical pencil (for the "pro" version), and masking tape for fins.

    1 reply

    we did something even simpler... we took the executive pens (the big clear ones with a thin ink thing inside) and put a push-pin inside. the pin fit almost perfectly into the pen... voila, instant blow-gun... Management always did wonder why our push-pin supply had bent tips...

    This is pretty cool. I had to add glue to the front though because the needle would go in the dart.

    1ml hypodermic syringes are a good starting point for darts...

    In grade school we did something even simpler. 1 pin, tape, eraser. Stick the pin through the center of the eraser so the eraser is half way through the pin. Take a small piece of the scotch tape and fold half of it agenst itself and place the head of the pin in. Another piece of tape completes the 3 fins then you cut them so they look nice. Now you have tiny little darts that work great.

    i wouldnt say sewing pins and matches are offiice supply