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It didn't take long when I started working from home to realize that my desk setup is not sufficient for extreme productivity. My chair's arm rests were in the way causing pain in my forearms and wrists. After doing some quick research, I found that there are obvious benefits to standing when working. I also found that standing desks can be expensive ( > $600). This tutorial will go through how to create a sub $100 tailored standing desk.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

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This is a simple building process and you can use common sense to determine what steps need to be tailored to your use-case.

You will need:

  1. Cutting device, I used a hand saw for the workout.
  2. Screw driver, again a hand screwdriver for the workout.
  3. ShelfLinks, available at Lowes
  4. 2 eight foot 2x4's
  5. $22 Glued pine 24"x 48" surface, or any size / substrate you prefer.

Step 2: Cut Your Desk Legs to Fit

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Identify Height

The only cutting you will need to do is on the legs (2x4's). They will need to be cut to match your physical height. You will also need to subtract the depth of your substrate. My substrate was 1.5 inches so my height was 40 - 1.5 = 38.5 inches.


Each side (2 legs) of the desk can be extracted from one 2x4. You will most likely have left over that you can reuse, unless you are the Jolly Green Giant.

*Note that this is not an adjustable desk, so the height you cut is the height you get.

Step 3: Assemble Legs

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The ShelfLink pack comes with the necessary instructions for all types of projects, but are adequate to understand how you will use them for this project.

Insert the 2x4 into each slot of the bracket and screw in the provided screws. There will be 3 screws for each leg, the holes are pre-drilled.

Step 4: Transform

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Transform your inefficient office, to something you can be proud of for only $66.36


It looks really nice and it's way more affordable than a commercial standing desk!

CosmicVoyager (author)2014-04-09


What are those two black rods between the back legs? What are they for? How are they attached? What is that black bar on the floor in front the desk?


jbourlo (author)CosmicVoyager2014-04-10

If you notice in my "before" picture there is a black glass-top desk made with metal tubing. I essentially replaced it an instead of just trowing it away, I reused the parts to add a little stability, but is not required. I also mounted the glass pane to my wall and use it for a marker board using Bistro Chalk Markers from Hobby Lobby.

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