Picture of Office Desktop Crane
If your ever bored at the office just put this together and you can lift your boredom away. 

You will need:

7 pencils
a few rubber bands
large binder clip
magnet and/or paper clip
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Step 1: Tower

Picture of tower
tie 3 pencils together with rubber bands

Step 2: Base

Picture of base
use binder clip as base and clip it to side the side of a desk or shelf. you can add a rubber band for added traction. then insert tower into binder clip and attach at bottom with rubber band.

Step 3: Crane arms

Picture of crane arms
tie 2 pencils together with rubber bands. make 2.

Step 4: Joints

Picture of joints
attach first arm to tower with tape. then attach second arm to first arm.

Step 5: Magnet/hook

Picture of magnet/hook
tie rubber band around magnet as shown and tie string to rubber band as shown.( if you want to make a hook just unbend a paperclip to make the hook and tie it to a piece of string).

Step 6: Over the edge

Picture of Over the edge
Next take the magnet/hook and set it over the edge of the second arm.(if string gets caught you may need to place a piece of tape on the ends of the pencils to prevent string from getting caught. Note: if magnet is too heavy you may need to place a counter weight on the end of the first arm.