Introduction: Office Halloween Decorations...with Added Zombies

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This is the front counter (reception) area at the University campus where I work.  Halloween isn't usually a big deal in Australia, but we thought we'd have some fun last year.  There's a zombie dolly in a home-made coffin under the coffe table, a big black widow hanging from the roof and lots of dry ice (yay) from a witch's cauldron with a pumpkin lantern.  The gruesome faces on the wall behind the cauldron took some time to make (thanks to Creativeman for the instuctable on 'make foam look like carved granite' for the inspiration).  Oh, and Zombie dolley escaped the coffin afterwards to cook a BBQ.


mr.squeakers (author)2010-10-28


puzka (author)mr.squeakers2010-11-01

Thanks, we had heaps of fun. I can't believe I forgot to add a picture of our entrance door - 'into the mouth of madness'

mr.squeakers (author)2010-10-28


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