Picture of Office Ninja Grappling Hook
Need a grappling hook to close your door? Well instead of getting up build a grappling hook to shut it for you.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:

Three (3) large paper clips
One (1) small paper clip
Fishing line or dental floss

Step 2: Making the hook

Picture of Making the hook
Bend outside wire up.

Step 3: Making the hook

Picture of Making the hook
Join the first two clips together by sliding them on top of each other and having the wires interlock.

Step 4: Making the hook

Picture of Making the hook
Join the third clip on linking it with the others.

Step 5: Renforce the hook

Picture of Renforce the hook
Straightenout the smaller paperclip into a line. Pass through the hole in the three large paper clips and wrap the wire around.

Step 6: Bend the hook

Picture of Bend the hook
Bend the wire out to make a hook shape. We coo'?

Step 7: Attach

Picture of Attach
Tie fishing line or dental floss onto the base part of the hook. Loop the line around all three of the paperclips. Use to grapple stuff and finally open that door. (This is really easy to reinforce with ductape or ductape or ductape or... ductape. I'm sure you all can think of a way to reinforce the hooks, too, but this is a simple one and filing down fishing hooks is a lot of work. And finally i know that there is another grappling hook at: tiny grappling hook no need to post that.

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kctrooper4 years ago
I really enjoy this it actually helped my heel... i have had heel problems for quite a while now and i made this and my heel is better .............. i was also wondering if there was a way to launch it out of a airsoft gun or a launcher for it
you could join this with another ible that has a launcher....
its a little blurry
Kenton5 years ago
Can we use ducktape to reinforce it?
This ible is awEsome,but I don't know if it's awesome enough for duct tape
I made one of these earlier this week and took it to school. I took it out of my pocket after I had finished my test (nobody else had finished), then my math teacher saw it. She came up to me, took it up, and told me it was a weapon and that I had detention. olawdy, what is considered a weapon by schools these days? (Our math teacher is like 60 or something-- maybe she thought it was a fishing hook?) Anyway, nice instructable. Very easy to follow.
Thx man! I managed to make a good door-closer.
kunistar157 years ago
sweet.!!!!!!!!!!!! how much free time do you have
anyone that is a member on this site has infinite amounts of free time. trust me.
Yeah. Heh. Just like /b/... *gasp* I just broke two rules at once! NOOOOO!
straight trippin dawg
yah big time
y not just scoot/roll over and close it
Baddi5 years ago
I made this, it rorcks
 Next time use a mini camera stand when taking pics. It is a bit shaky otherwise it is pretty good 
i like these, i'll make one...i made one that was better once, but now i forget how to make it , and my mom threw it away... ;(
wacs23265 years ago
that is cool
nice that is cool
jjjjake6 years ago
wait in step 2 do u use the big and small clip or 2 big ones
temp jjjjake6 years ago
2 big ones
jillg6 years ago
it works great! but instead of a small paper clip i used a rubber band. it was easier to hold together than bend a paper clip
mattdelux086 years ago
I don't really understand what it means by slide the clips on top of eachother to make them interlock some 1 wanna help me
bigpinecone8 years ago
this is awesome! i'm sitting here at my desk and i made one, i don't have any fishing line nearby, so i have to go to my room to get it =(
lol, almost worked ;)
im sure this is the reason they were invented, because someone was to lazy to go inside a building and go up an elevator/stairs.
lol climbing up a wall is probably harder than stairs so i think it would be more for extremists ;)
grimfig7 years ago
i cant figure out exactly what to do here i think you should upload a clearer picture
I am making a knex fishing pole/thing grabber, and was possibly considering this for the hook. Would you mind if I provided a link to this instructable for the making of the hook part? -Constructo Man
gbosbiker7 years ago
nice but I made a stronger 1 out of and old plastic coated metal coat hanger
Not bad, but i couldn't see too clearly on the second pic.
i've got a great way to shorten this some string for 10 cents and tie it to ur door handle!
yes but it would ruin the point of the grappling hook. duh
damm funny!!!!!!rofl lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chemy9997 years ago
twine hurts your fingers
SESS7 years ago
FrenchCrawler and Mutant are nerds
astrosapien8 years ago
That is really cool, but i can imagine the paper clips bending or breaking instead of closing a door.
lemonie8 years ago
What is it with the grappling hooks? I've seen three at least, and they're all paper-clip based. I'm unsure as to the value of these (if any).
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