Picture of Office Ninja Grappling Hook
Need a grappling hook to close your door? Well instead of getting up build a grappling hook to shut it for you.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:

Three (3) large paper clips
One (1) small paper clip
Fishing line or dental floss

Step 2: Making the hook

Picture of Making the hook
Bend outside wire up.

Step 3: Making the hook

Picture of Making the hook
Join the first two clips together by sliding them on top of each other and having the wires interlock.

Step 4: Making the hook

Picture of Making the hook
Join the third clip on linking it with the others.

Step 5: Renforce the hook

Picture of Renforce the hook
Straightenout the smaller paperclip into a line. Pass through the hole in the three large paper clips and wrap the wire around.

Step 6: Bend the hook

Picture of Bend the hook
Bend the wire out to make a hook shape. We coo'?

Step 7: Attach

Picture of Attach
Tie fishing line or dental floss onto the base part of the hook. Loop the line around all three of the paperclips. Use to grapple stuff and finally open that door. (This is really easy to reinforce with ductape or ductape or ductape or... ductape. I'm sure you all can think of a way to reinforce the hooks, too, but this is a simple one and filing down fishing hooks is a lot of work. And finally i know that there is another grappling hook at: tiny grappling hook no need to post that.

jjjjake6 years ago
wait in step 2 do u use the big and small clip or 2 big ones
mattdelux086 years ago
I don't really understand what it means by slide the clips on top of eachother to make them interlock some 1 wanna help me
grimfig7 years ago
i cant figure out exactly what to do here i think you should upload a clearer picture
Not bad, but i couldn't see too clearly on the second pic.