Introduction: Office Stationery Darts

 How to make some simple little darts out of household or office stationery

Step 1: Materials

 Materials needed:

-Press tacks
-Paper clips
-Elastic bands
-3" by 3" sticky notes
-Card board

Step 2: Attaching the Clips

 Hold the clips around the tack with one hand, and wrap around the elastic band with the other to keep it in place. This is the hardest part, and if you struggle at first try attaching one at a time (although you will need more bands to do this).

Step 3: Making the Flights

 Fold the sticky note in half to make a rectangle, then unfold again. Then fold in half to make a triangle, then unfold again. Then fold into a triangle once more the other way. These are the base folds. Fold in half along the first base fold (into a rectangle). Next, take one of the the top corners (one that's folded) and pull down into the middle, then repeat on the other side. Even out the sides. Its very simple to do, but it is hard to demonstrate in the form of text. Luckily, I can provide a picture.

Step 4: Adding the Flights

 Simple slide  the flights in between the paper clips at the loose end.

Step 5: Boards

 So, now you've got your darts all lined up, what to throw them at? A board would be a good idea, and card board works perfectly. You can make up your own designs, I just used a card board box to demonstrate.


Gunter187 made it!(author)2015-06-23

I have made a different version were you replace the rubberband with a hot glue gun. But still awesome!

peny123 made it!(author)2014-03-19

it was awesome

mrkrmoore made it!(author)2012-08-26

you got that idea from the book Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction section3 page 99 project eraser dart

thecrazymagnetman made it!(author)2012-08-03

It might be cool to put it on a paper airplane.

thecrazymagnetman made it!(author)2012-08-03

made one it is really cool, i think i should take it somewhere secretly

CapnChkn made it!(author)2010-05-26

I'm still trying to figure out why anybody would want a stationary dart.  Aren't darts SUPPOSED to move?

peyton14 made it!(author)2012-05-16

it made out of paper

logghi made it!(author)2010-05-27

 Sorry, spelling isn't a strong point of mine

IrishSuds made it!(author)2012-04-19

We create these wonderful darts - great fun is being had...

We did come up with a different fold that seems to be more aerodynamics... take a look...

samaside made it!(author)2011-07-27

Many of these adorn the cork board behind our desk at work now!

nmstoker made it!(author)2011-05-08

These look great - we used to make something similar at school using drawing pins and BluTack - with enough mass of BluTack behind the drawing pin and the tail fins sufficiently far back, they could be thrown hard enough to embed in the walls! Amazingly I don't recall us embedding them in each other!

Ainshtain made it!(author)2011-05-08

made some at the office a month ago ...we printed out a dart board and see were i'm getting :D

but in my design i use only 3 paper clips

Crushinator made it!(author)2011-02-13

That's awesome lol

Vanila made it!(author)2010-07-20

Hey on step 2 before you but the paper clips around the the Tact's. I found lining up the paperclips on a piece of tape then rapping them around the the thumb-tack alot easier.

logghi made it!(author)2010-07-21

Awsome idea ^^

spiritwolf7984 made it!(author)2010-06-22

I love these Make sure the Tac's are sharp though Or they can't even go through Cardboard D: I made 2 useill dull tacs

dashi made it!(author)2010-06-01

what's the point of stationary darts, if their stationary, you cant throw them because that would cause them to be not stationary...

logghi made it!(author)2010-06-02

 sorry, shall I change it for you? I just can't spell is all... 

dashi made it!(author)2010-06-02

Oh whoops, I didn't see that another guy said exactly what I said before me... And no, do not change it for me, change it for all those misled people who will remain confused until their sands of time fall through.

logghi made it!(author)2010-06-03

 Nah it's fine, so what is the corect spelling?

dashi made it!(author)2010-06-03

Stationery. (spelt wit an E)

logghi made it!(author)2010-06-04

Thanks, I shall correct it now :)

z3ds made it!(author)2010-05-26

Hehe this is fun!

nickodemus made it!(author)2010-05-26


logghi made it!(author)2010-05-12

 Glad I could help :)

mrmath made it!(author)2010-05-08

I just saw these on the other day!

techturtle made it!(author)2010-05-11

LOL, I saw them there too.  I tried to make them yesterday just from memory and gave up.  Seeing this, I'll have to try again!

logghi made it!(author)2010-05-09

 I know, I saw them too! I decided to make them, and they worked very well, I thought I'd share for all those who wer'nt aware of them :)

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