How to make some simple little darts out of household or office stationery

Step 1: Materials

 Materials needed:

-Press tacks
-Paper clips
-Elastic bands
-3" by 3" sticky notes
-Card board
<p>I have made a different version were you replace the rubberband with a hot glue gun. But still awesome!</p>
<p>it was awesome</p>
you got that idea from the book Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction section3 page 99 project eraser dart
It might be cool to put it on a paper airplane.
made one it is really cool, i think i should take it somewhere secretly
I'm still trying to figure out why anybody would want a stationary dart.&nbsp; Aren't darts SUPPOSED to move?<br />
it made out of paper
&nbsp;Sorry, spelling isn't a strong point of mine
We create these wonderful darts - great fun is being had... <br> <br>We did come up with a different fold that seems to be more aerodynamics... take a look...
Many of these adorn the cork board behind our desk at work now!
These look great - we used to make something similar at school using drawing pins and BluTack - with enough mass of BluTack behind the drawing pin and the tail fins sufficiently far back, they could be thrown hard enough to embed in the walls! Amazingly I don't recall us embedding them in each other!
made some at the office a month ago ...we printed out a dart board and ...you see were i'm getting :D <br><br>but in my design i use only 3 paper clips
That's awesome lol<br>
Hey on step 2 before you but the paper clips around the the Tact's. I found lining up the paperclips on a piece of tape then rapping them around the the thumb-tack alot easier.
Awsome idea ^^
I love these Make sure the Tac's are sharp though Or they can't even go through Cardboard D: I made 2 useill dull tacs
what's the point of stationary darts, if their stationary, you cant throw them because that would cause them to be not stationary...<br />
&nbsp;sorry, shall I change it for you? I just can't spell is all...&nbsp;
Oh whoops, I didn't see that another guy said exactly what I said before me... And no, do not change it for me, change it for all those misled people who will remain confused until their sands of time fall through.<br />
&nbsp;Nah it's fine, so what is the corect spelling?
Stationery. (spelt wit an E)<br />
Thanks, I shall correct it now :)
Hehe this is fun!<br />
Nice!<br />
&nbsp;Glad I could help :)
I just saw these on <a href="http://thereifixedit.com" rel="nofollow">thereifixedit.com</a> the other day!<br />
LOL, I&nbsp;saw them there too.&nbsp; I tried to make them yesterday just from memory and gave up.&nbsp; Seeing this, I'll have to try again!
&nbsp;I know, I saw them too! I decided to make them, and they worked very well, I thought I'd share for all those who wer'nt aware of them :)

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