A fun little prank to do with all of those little dots from any hole puncher on a rainy day (that's key also!)

What you need for this project:

#Hole Puncher (& the dots!)

#A victim (or victims) with an umbrella.

#A rainy day

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Step 1: Pick a Victim & Plot

First, figure out who your target is and pick your day. A day when people bring and use umbrellas is necessary for this prank also.

Find where the person keeps their umbrella - a local place where everyone keeps their umbrella would be ideal. If the victim keeps their umbrella in their cubicle, you'll have to infiltrate while they are away.

Go on to the next step for the conclusion to this saga...
HAHA nice prank :D i will try it ;) 
i know this has not got anything to do with this but here is a link to a office prank site<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.bored.com/pranksite/cate5/OfficePranks.html">Click me</a><br/>Enjoy!<br/>
Tell ya a better one than that. While the motor isn't running empty the contents of the ash trays in the car into the vents, turn them up full blast pointing at the driver, turn the radio up full blast too. So you leave the car and when your victim comes along turns the key, the ash fills the car and the sudden burst of music from the radio makes them think the car's exploded LMFAO!
Awesome idea but what if they don't smoke.
get inventive , flour would work except it's a c*nt to get out if it gets remotely damp. So use your imagination. It only takes a wee bit to be successful, about half a handful to each fan. Too much and you'll clog the ventilation and not only will it not work, the car will forever smell of ash; too little and it's just pish...
OMG POWDER PEPPER!!! (sneezing powder) that would so be awesome and if you got a cd with explosion sound on it......
not as harmless as the confetti, but i've been known to put in the air vents of my friend's cars; a paste-like mixture of dog poo and water, and bits of fish. i've never had anoyone give me the motivation to, but if one really wanted to ruin someone's day, they could put laser toner in the air vents. the confetti is still fun though!
You've got issues, high-five.
If you don't want to wait for a rainy day and your victim drives a car, then try this. Create the hole punch confetti as above; lots of it. Then wait for a moment when the driver has left his/her car unlocked but not running. Quickly and without being seen, enter their car point all the air vent upward and tip the confetti into the vents. Lastly change the fan control to its most powerful setting and leave. When the driver next turns the key in the ignition loads of "snow" will blow out of the vents.
Lol, that is funny. However an improvement would be to pour it (on a sunny day with no rain) down the intake vent (just below windwipers) .. only works on older cars without a filter though...
Some new cars don't have a filter, either, so it'd be worth a shot. Just do a little homework befor eyou dump. Plus, if you're in a humid climate (where you're more likely to get really spectaular mold in your filter), some people just take it out.
Awesome idea! Definitely worth trying sometime, and especially good for the cold winter or hot summer days, not limiting it to the rainy ones. Thanks for the input!
the sun roof on my friends car was a perfect palce to put it on a sunny day
I'm thinking putting it in the little thing above the front screen which usually has a mirror and allows you to block the sun. >:D
Haha nice.

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