Introduction: Office Supplies Football

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Build a football out of commonly available office supplies. Bring the gridiron to an office near you in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

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Start by collecting the necessary materials to build your football. You will need

x1 Stryofoam coffee cup

x3 Sheets of paper
The paper provides weight, and allows you to customize the flight characteristics of the finished product - Lighter = more float, Heavier = faster. I chose what was readily available... a cube-mate's Star Trek ascii art.

x2 Pieces of scotch tape (around 8" in length)

Step 2: Paper Ball

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Using a single sheet of paper, crumple it into a ball. Continue with the other sheets, until you have a good size ball of paper.

Step 3: Adhesive

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Create two loops of tape around the ball, sticky side out. This will help the ball retain it's shape and stay in place when throwing.

Step 4: Last Step...

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Stuff the taped-up paper ball into the bottom of the stryofoam cup. Make sure it is secure, but try not to break the cup.

Step 5: Throwing

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Throwing is based on personal preference, but I've found you can throw a pretty tight spiral by gripping the cup using your thumb and three fingers. Throw it like a football and create spin by rolling it off your fingers. This is a popular item around the office as it is an almost universal truth that guys like to throw things at each other. Enjoy...


kylekosan23 (author)2011-07-04

awesome ya know u can cut and tape some pipe cleaners to make laces:)

thing 2 (author)2009-05-27

This is a great and cool idea/instructable! I've never heard of a paper football.

yellow elephant (author)2007-04-05

i like paper footballs. those are better. you dont always have a styrafoam cup.

Redgerr (author)yellow elephant2008-07-23

paper foootballs are fun too-- although this is more for people who dont like to fold stuff lol :)

knowitallnewbie (author)2006-09-02

so simple. lol

TangMu (author)2006-08-31

Would cutting spiral grooves into the cup in the same direction you spin when you throw help or would it make it more flimsy. kinda reminds me of the nerf vortex throw thingies except it seems to be vastly superior as its made for almost nothing . Free polystyrene cups are an excelent raw material for all kinds of art and fun - i used loads back in college.

fungus amungus (author)TangMu2006-09-01

With a paper cup you could easily pinch off a couple of fins and bend them both in the same (CW or CCW) direction. I'll test this in my office when there's nobody around, which seems to be all the time. It's like working in that play "No Exit." Totally weird.

PetervG (author)2006-08-30

I think it's obvious how to make a paper ball with tape around it. Welcome to the world of instructables noob.

PetervG (author)PetervG2006-08-30

I admit to not reading the whole thing, I apolagise.

Neodudeman (author)PetervG2006-08-31

I apologise too then. Yay! Peace rules.

Neodudeman (author)PetervG2006-08-30

Um. You're a retarded twelve year old who can't read. If you weren't exactly how I described you, you would find that this wasn't just a paperball, but a weight at the end of a cup so that it can be thrown. Sadly, you're an idiot.

0.775volts (author)Neodudeman2006-08-30

well, you can't expect him to actually READ this instructable, can you? I mean, It doesn't involve homemade explosives of any kind, sheesh! you people!

Neodudeman (author)0.775volts2006-08-30

Well that May be true, but the fact that he bashes it without even Reading it is what I have a problem with. And explosives are awesome. lol.

Crash2108 (author)2006-08-30

Almost seems more like a birdie or whatever those are called.. Cool though.

Stormed (author)Crash21082006-08-30

Shuttlecock _. lol...shuttle.

Ushanka (author)2006-08-30

Curse you! Now I have one more distraction at work! Can't...stop...throwing!

paulgeering (author)2006-08-30

I'm guessing you mean the 1st type of football. Yes you've guessed it, I'm not from the USA so we call the object in the 2nd image a football. This instructable sounds fun (and easy). shame i don't have an office job. (Shame i don't have a job at all) Great work. Keep it up.

Yup, in America our football is occasionally kicked, but mostly thrown and carried around. Makes perfect sense to me.

foucalt (author)2006-08-30

This rules! we tried it and it's vastly superior to just throwing paper airplanes at each other! thanks Yoyo!

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