Introduction: Office Supply Crafts: Egg Decorating

Do you avoid decorating eggs because of the mess? Try these three office supplies alternatives to dyes. Watch the video above or view below. But above all, get your spring decor on!

Step 1: Sharpie + Egg

Picture of Sharpie + Egg

One of the easiest ways to decorate a hard boiled egg? A Sharpie. Make sure to reach for the fine point so you can add all sorts of fun details. BONUS: If you smudge the Sharpie marks with rubbing alcohol, you can create a "blurred" egg effect.

Step 2: Colored Glue + Egg

Picture of Colored Glue + Egg

Take your favorite color glue and paint on swirls, triangle or whatever inspires you! Just be careful to not touch while it dries. BONUS: Dip in glitter after drawing for an extra "wow" factor.

Step 3: Stickers + Eggs

Picture of Stickers + Eggs

This option is as simple as taking some scissors then sticking your creation. For us, all we did was cut circled stickers into fourths.


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