Make ninja stars to NOT throw around the office.

WARNING! This is a potentially dangerous project, both during the making process and what you do afterwards with it. Do not throw these at, near, around, within-sight-of pepole or animals. If you are under 18, or are uncapable of making sound decisions, do not follow these instructions.
If, for any reason, your harm yourself or someone else with this project, stop and think about what an idiot you are for actually making something that is so dangerous, then apply pressure with this project to your wrists and drag toward the inner elbow, because you are too stupid to live.

Step 1: Aquire Materials

Materials are as follows:
- Four (4) X-acto blades (standard size, nothing fancy)
- Double Sided tape (sticky on both sides)
- Regular Tape (Scotch Tape is good)
- Scissors


Step 2: Arrange the first two blades

Place two blades against each other at the base with the sharp bits facing away from each other.

Step 3: Apply double sided tape

Cut a piece of double sided tape and place it squarely over the bases of the two blades (like the blue square in the drawing shows)

Step 4: Place second two blades

Take the second two blades and place them on top of the tape, arranged perpendicular to the first two blades, bases together, with the sharp bits facing out.

Step 5: Cut some tape

Take a piece of regular tape thats about three times as long as the middle area of your star. Cut opposite corners off so it looks like the image. Make a second piece of tape look like a mirror image of the first.

Step 6: Tape it together

Place the first piece of tape on the star as show in the left image. Then wrap the sides around to the back and press the tape down firmly. Do the same thing on the back with the second piece of tape, but place it perpendicular to the first. This will hold your star together fairly well.

Step 7: Done! (and throwing tips)

There your have it! You're well on your way to becoming a master ninja of the office.

Good Targets: cork boards, bullitin boards empty walls
Bad Targets: people, animals

To throw, hold the tip of one of the blades between the thumb and index finger and then flick your wrist to throw (just like a frisbee). With some practice, you can hit a target from 5 to 15 feet away.
Remember Ninja's use violence as a means to an end. This type of tutorial should only be executed for extreme office measures. Watch the Office Ninja in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZ5RPBguRkw
awesome ninja stars xD
why not weld the blades together? that is, if youre not in your office at the time
Hey LessKiller isnt it called sharpening the dull and by the way ninjas are sooooo much cooler than pirates not the cartoon ninjas either
totally. my scale of coolness goes like this... ninja- woot! coolest viking- pretty cool zombie- ... pirate- blargh
what are X-acto blades? please tell me someone =S<br/>
They are sharp blades used on X-acto knifes.
Considering modern life (generally,) we in the developed world have made it pretty easy for individuals to avoid untimely deaths as a result of shear stupidity. The use of seatbelts is enforced by law and today's plastic playgrounds are no more dangerous than loose cotton balls (if the cotton were in plastic bags, people could potentially suffocate. DANGER!!!) The way I see it, if stupid people are prevented from doing themselves in, they will be more likely to reproduce. Evolutionarily, the entire human race will become "dumber," due to the fact that it is so easy for stupid people to survive. These throwing stars are an excellent first step toward a smarter human population because they empower really dumb people and encourage them to do us all a favor.
HOLY $#!<sup> you're my missing twin. ive said the same thing for years. plus since there are clear disclaimers he cant sue. and the human race will only improve with time. lets come up with more things like this.</sup><br/>
I like your way of thinking.
ya we need to eliminate the dumbness outa the gene pool since most dummys dont no wat a condom is they think that they are balloons that you win when u go toilet then this is the best solution
well ive seen a few videos of people weeding themselves out of the genepool. well not themselves, but their means of reproduction with firecrackers and tasers... seriously how stupid are you to tase yourself in the balls?... and for fun? well we can sit back and laugh when they find out they cant have children.
Natural Selection Dumb people kill themselves while Smart people kill even more dumb people(either by giving them information which could get them to kill themselves or by straightforward kill.)However, the rate of human stupidity is spreading fiercely. We can only hope they die out before some moron launches an atomic bomb and destroys all of human life (both intelligent and stupid.)
i like your way of though
This is extremely stupid. Shuriken are not toys.
yeah they are these are awsome!!
Nice. But these things could be really really painful. Shurikens are not toys, they are weapons though.
Thy are only dangerous if you throw them at living things.
They are only dangerous if you are stupid.
shurikens can be very fun toys, you just have to not be utterly stupid and use good judgement and watch where yerr thowing
exacly dont be a dumbass with these things it can get you seriously screwed.
C'mon people, ninja stars rock. Stop being so danged responsible and go impale something with a flying weapon of ninja-ness!
Heck Yeah!
hell yeahs
I love your instructable, i don't think anyone would be stupid enough to actually do any harm with it, and if they are they probably would do something else stupid anyway
ok fleanine, i don't think you have to remind him that it's dangerous, because as you can see, he DID post that there are risks getting into this kind of thing. No one should be stupid enough to make these things in class or at the office. If they are that dumb, they shouldn't even be searching for weapons on instructables. With everything there come risks. you should know that. Even your paper shuriken idea....if someone is truly that idiotic, they can get a paper cut. oh noes. In fact, you can get killed walking into your kitchen. but you still do it. for god's sake, it's possible to drown in a puddle if your that mentally retarded. but ok, i'll admit that throwing sharp metal objects through the air is dangerous, but you cannot blame the person who posted this. instead, try telling the dumbass who threw it in the first place.
I <em>heart</em> your Instructable. I look forward to making some in the future. <sup>-</sup><br/>
OK, this does look like fun and all, but it is pretty damn dangerous. All I am saying is, if it was in an art class in school and some kid built one of these and it ended up stuck in your child,or someone you know, YOU would be pretty pissed. It isn't so much yourself you need to worry about, but the other guy... <br/><br/>TRY THIS INSTEAD, <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.folds.net/tutorial/models/shu_2_piece/shu_2_piece_diagrams.htmland">http://www.folds.net/tutorial/models/shu_2_piece/shu_2_piece_diagrams.htmland</a> <br/><br/>Everyone has a piece of paper laying around.... and it is much safer for ANYONE, not just people comfortable with throwing CUTTING tools through the air...next thing you could do is take apart some scissors and use them like a throwing knife. Or better yet, attach the Xacto blades to opposite ends of a bic pen tube and whip that around the office.<br/>Sorry, but this is just not a very &quot;instructable&quot; Instructable. <br/>Before you know it, your employer will be sending you to anger managment or something. <br/>
if people are stupid enough to make these in school or work and injure someone than yeah i would be pissed. The paper ones are for beginners. These and other "razor sharp" shurikens are for only experinced people not children or novices.
Setting aside the fact that telling people how to make dangerous weapons is at best irresponsible, fact is disclaimers on a web site will not prevent lawsuits and prosecution. Strongly recommend Squid labs reconsider posting this kind of content
skrew u man if a lawsuit did happen(which it will) the person that threw it is at fault not the person who showed them how to make it. And people can post what they want to post
wouldn't it fall apart if you through it too hard?
i dont want to kill myself if i accidently do something bad with this. even so i won't make it it's too dangerous. check out the alternatives by searching 'shuriken' on the home page search bar.
i sound redundant sorry for my last comment it was filled with continuity problems and spelling and grammatic errors
lol i agree with electrotyler to bring the human race a step ahead, we must first stop going backwards, i say that meaning that stupid people are the pregenators to destruction and would do well to eliminate themselves in an act of pure glee for themselves while the smarter "people" are free to acomplish what will bring us into a new era of knowledge instead of us having to supervise and reprimand the idiots who will inevidably drag us back for years to come. i mean thats all im sayin
My spelling is horrible i KNOW! pls forgive me.....
I have to agree take the stupid people out and you get smart people only. in a way think of medival times right? you had the dumba$$es who thought they could take on some knight....what happens next ou ask??? IAS DUMBA$$ GETS KILLED THATS HOW! Makes you wonder why the japanese in anchient times went "hey lets kill all of the stupid people if they get in our way!" "thos who agree say AYE!" AYE!
X-Acto blades are blades for your average hobby knife.
cool, dangerous (which makes it cooler) but cool
uhhhhh i think im dying, ur stupid stars cut my wrists... o god i have blood all over the keyboard omg i gott goo no im bleding bad
oh noes!!!
Any kid dumb enough to injure themselves with those probably isnt going to own up tpo where he got it from and his parents probably dont know what a lawyer is so dont worry
There is a lot of really dumb kids,trust me
hay u callen me a really dumb kid ???
I'm saying a lot of kids are dumb, not nessecarily you. However if you care to share your grade point average...
Where can u GET THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
where can you get them
they are like a very sharp razor knive

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