Office Supply Pen Gun


Introduction: Office Supply Pen Gun

This is a simple pen gun I made in the spare time of my math class with only a few common materials.

Step 1: Materials

1. Capped Bic. Pen
2. Any spring from mechanical pen
3. Dull or unused pencil
4. Pencil eraser

Step 2: Remove Top of Pen Cap

This is in my opinion the hardest step, remove the top of the cap of the pen by pushing the pencil through the top of cap.

Step 3: Remove the Pen From Body

Pull out tube of pen after taking off the cap. It might take some grip.

Step 4: Put Spring on Pen

Slide on the spring onto the pen and gently place the pen 3/4 of the way inside the tube. (DO NOT PUT THE PEN FULLY INSIDE)

Step 5: Cap the Pen and Place Eraser on Top

As shown you first put the cap on which should slide through the pen. Then put the eraser on top to keep the pen from flying out.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Enjoy this cool pen by surprising your friends with a shot at them. (To shoot you flip the eraser off of the cap.)



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    I love it I'm going to show it to my friends!!!?

    Sorry I meant *20* ft at the
    most, not 120 ft.

    It shoots about l20 ft at the most.

    We used to make staple shooters out of mechanical pens. Then we stepped it up to bb shooters. Lots off suspensions happened that week. Just to be on safe side you may want to add a note saying this could lead to trouble on some schools. But pretty creative

    Nice! How far does it shoot?