Office Supply Stick Gun

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Introduction: Office Supply Stick Gun

we all love to make crafts so i found cool stuff and made it all to one thing!!!!! The one and only stick gun!!!!!

Step 1: Supplies Needed for the Craft

You will need the following items

1. 3 old pens or pencils that are still long 2. Shipping tape

3. Any type of masking tape 4. A rubber band

do not worry about substituting things on the list

Step 2: Get Started With Ammo!

You will need to wrap masking tape around one end of a pen/pencil.Look on intro to find the ammo picture.

Step 3: Barrel

get a long peice of masking tape and fold it wrap it in a circular form and cut a rubber ban in half.put the rubber band on each side of one end and reverse it after taping it.look at intro pic for help.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

tape two pencils side by side to the barrel.

Step 5: Arming

pull the ammo through and pull with rubber band. Relese to fire!


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if you like this mikasaurus made a grappling hook that is this plus a handle and string!