Step 4: Backwards Pressure

Almost done. Now we just wrap an elastic around the two clip armatures to provide the device clip with some holding pressure, and we are finished.

Now go clip it to something and let it hold your device for you. I use mine attached to my sun visor for holding my phone. It puts the phone in the perfect position for talking using hands free. It is also a perfect spot for viewing without disrupting my field of view out the windshield.
Instead of using rubber band<br>Use some pen spring or other metal spring<br>Rubber band will brake after some time in the sun
Brilliant! &nbsp;I happened to have Heavy duty binder clips, with soft tips (Basically the plastic/heat shrink tubing already on the handles) it came out quite nicely. Haven't added the &quot;legs&quot; yet.<br> <br> &nbsp; &nbsp;The one thing that made it easier for me was taking the handles out first, and then bending one bar on the handle at a time inside the catch of a drawer. Trying to bend them both at the same time worked, but I needed something other than my hands to do it. Just one at a time worked out well.
Epic - you just saved me $20 and a trip to the auto store!! <br> <br>THANK YOU
Nice!! The only alteration i made was that i skipped the step on covering the &quot;handles&quot; since i have a rubber protective covering on my phone already. This took a grand total of 5 minutes to make (would have been less if i didn't break the first rubber band and have to find another). Also didn't have to add the other paper clip to make a desk stand. The way i bent the arms on the original holder leaves my phone at a perfect angle for my desk!!!<br><br>Thanks for the inspiration!!<br><br><br>I think i know what i am going to give out this year for Christmas. <br><br><br>
I saw something similar to this on Lifehacker.com.<br> <br> Theirs had you wrap the 'ears' of the binder clip with string, and tie it off. I thought that looked a bit tacky, so I bought some 'Plasti Dip' (multi-purpose rubber coating, usually used for coating the handles of pliers, etc) from a <em>large orange hardware store</em>, that shall remain nameless.<br> <br> I dipped the aforementioned 'ears' about 10 coats, a minute or two between coats. It looks nicer, and still protects my phone.<br> <br> The over-all idea is, as they say in the Altoids commercial, &quot;BRILLIANT!&quot;
Think how many of us buy expensive mounts that cost way more, look worse and grip poorly. kudos.
Imma use Sugru instead of the heat shrink tubing. I love this SO much. Thank you for posting this Instructable.
I love these ideas that are just forehead slappin' simple but I haven't thought of them. Lovely idea, well illustrated and explained. On my list of to-dos.<br> <br> Instead of the heat shrink, could you use tool dip for the grips? And maybe the jaws, though one would have to keep them open while drying...
Great idea! I don't see why not, give it a try.
Great, simple, yet useful! It wasn't easy to find a clip big enough to fit ma HD2, but totally worth it!
Good show! Glad to be of service.
I totally agree with you, It's very cool and creative. <br>Thanks for sharing :)
Share and enjoy! Your welcome. Thank you too.
+1, such a great, simple idea!
Glad you enjoyed it.
Really cool.. Simple and elegant !!!
Thank you!
Well-made instructable, as well as the hands-free device holder! I appreciate the many, clear photos. Nice simple project, very functional. I like the heat-shrink tubing idea...adds class as well as protection! Well done!
NICE gadget and write-up
&quot;Some tools that are helpful, but not strictly required<br><br> A vice&quot;<br><br>I have, I'm sorry to say, a LOT of vices, but I think that for this project what I would need is a &quot;VISE&quot;.
Lol. Thanks for pointing out my typo . I will have to fix that before everyone ends up all discombobulated with clamps stuck to their faces.
In the same spirit, &quot;adieu&quot; is French for &quot;to God&quot; meaning &quot;goodbye&quot;.<br><br>The correct word is &quot;ado&quot; as in &quot;much ado about nothing&quot;; though I accept many people do use &quot;adieu&quot; in it's place, it's a common mistake.<br><br><br>Very nice instructable. I'm probably going to have a go at this myself.
I will fix this too. Merci beaucoup.
De rien.<br>:)
All the way through I was wondering how you got enough pressure to grip the phone. I simply didn't see this coming.<br>Nice stuff.<br><br>I'll have to get my hands on some heat-shrink (all mine is far too big) in the next couple of days and make one of these.
You could use some electrical tape, or one person used an elastic band as protection. (They posted below). Hot Glue? a layer of rubber cement, some cloth....anything would work. Cheers. Thanks!
Spelling as 'Vice' is not necessarily a typo, it depends on which county you are from! <br><br>See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vise which starts off with: 'A vise or vice (see American and British English spelling differences) is a mechanical screw apparatus...'
I made one of these a couple of days ago. I just wrapped a rubber band around the arm ends. It makes them non slip and it only took a second.

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