Office Supplies Pocket Rifle, Shoot Your Friends!

Snipe your friends with this little compressed-air gun! Despite her size, this little beast packs a punch! Sorry for the bad quality, I took the pictures with my webcam (The pink wall is due to the light reflecting on my red bed).

Remember: whenever using an object that shoots projectiles, DO NOT AIM AT SOMEONE'S FACE! I will not be responsible if anyone is hurt.
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Step 3: Making the barrel

Picture of Making the barrel
Cut the end of the reynold pen (keep approx. 1 cm of white plastic).

Step 4: Assembling the gun

Picture of Assembling the gun
Insert the barrel in the air chamber, put the cap in the other side. To fire, make a small spitball (put paper in your mouth for a few seconds and shape it into a ball), put it in the barrel (make sure air cannot pass by pushing the ball with a toothpick), and push the little cap with a stick/brush.

Tip: If the cap can't move easily, use soap.

Right now, it looks nothing like a rifle, but it works.Go to the next step for customisation.

Step 5: Customisation

Picture of Customisation
Remember the optional items at the beginning? Time to use them.

Wrap the air chamber and the barrel with tape.

Step 6: Finding a rifle to replicate

Picture of Finding a rifle to replicate
Use google for ideas. I'm making a M24.
im ordering the pen online what are they called
minijc2 years ago
this thing is so small it looks a bit cute
thing 23 years ago
I still don't get how it fires...
I Am A Stegosaurus! (author)  thing 23 years ago
Sorry to answer 9000 years later...
Hopefully this will help someone else...
To fire it, take your brush/stick, and push the little cap found in the erasing thingy thru the barrel. I will add a schematic.
someday, i'm gonna make an instructable of a ballpen that uses only a ballpen and hands maybe a scissor too
lol, ok. The schematic or even a video would/will help. :)