Picture of Office supply glider
Silly little glider made from office junk.

you'll need
foam core board
double sided tape
bamboo skewer
and a paper clip

Btw this isn't my first instructable, flame on

Step 1: Strip the foam core

Picture of strip the foam core
soak the foam core in some water with a bit of soap for about 2 hours. You can then fairly easily peel off the paper facing, you want to use the 3mm foamcore if you have it but thicker should work.



is nice
One of my sons is obsessed with paper airplanes and is currently outside building this one. he is "tinkering it up" a bit. We have foam core board, but it is 5mm, so we are adjusting some of the areodynamics a bit, but he'll get it. Thanks for the great idea!!! (By the way...he's 10)
raul384 years ago
Nice design, I make a glider with out fuselage
jellypop14 years ago
I tried and failed, added a head and blue tack onto it, works great!
btw, does ur foam core crack when you bend it?
Sí, yo también lo hacen mucho! : D
FrozenIce4 years ago
your fingers look hert in the second picture with a cut
XeeeLoo5 years ago
 buenisimo, asi se hace! me gusto mucho =D
lieuwe5 years ago
you can make these plains fly further by reducing lift, currently it's in a permanent stall(goes down, makes speed, goes up, goes slower again, etc)
J@50n6 years ago
wait....why did they say it was flying backwards? in the movie i cant tell, is the small part in front or back?
Tool Using Animal (author)  J@50n6 years ago
in front, it is a canard.
o i c how they could have said that!
thing 26 years ago
nice instructable some time i will make this!
AznPanda6 years ago
This is a great instructable :D
Runnerdude7 years ago
very nice. How about attaching a motor and proppeler from a hobby store? by the way, why strip the foam core. why not use something else?
i agree
sgt.paper8 years ago
it looks like to me in the video its atatched to strings
rimar20008 years ago
Nice glider. I have one in http://rimar2000.com.ar/sailor.htm.

It is spanish, but you will be able to understand it
Thanks, you are very kind.
mando_jtt8 years ago
Its NOT flying backwards, they are just THINKING backwards.
the movy looks really good!
dyermaker88 years ago
I fail to see how a bamboo skewer is an office supply. How about coffee stirrers and tape?
Tool Using Animal (author)  dyermaker88 years ago
where I work, a bamboo skewer IS an office supply. ;-) I'd suggest a soda straw, just hazarding a guess that it would be lighter and stronger than coffee stirrers and tape.
Really cute. Just wondering, what gave you the idea to make it a canard? Are they more stable as gliders or something?
I did it to save weight, I didn't prove that it saves weight, but I think it does. If I did the rudder and elevator in the back, I'd have had to counter balance that mass out front, and I assumed the weight penalty was great.
mrmath8 years ago
Nothing to flame about. You did a good job on your instructable.