Oficially Been Pimped!





Introduction: Oficially Been Pimped!

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I' ve build a bureau around a collection of different drawers found in the trash, at grandma's attic, ...

Step 1: Pine Carcass

After arranging the different drawers and making a plan, I started building a carcass out of pine laths. Like that it doesn't get to heavy in total.

Step 2: Wooden Strips

Following that I added beech (more sturdy then pine) wooden strips (each individual) to balance the heights and widths of the single drawers.

Step 3: Acacia Boisage

The last step was building the boisage out of old acacia planks. After planing and cropping I' ve added them to the carcass. Et voil√°, the drawers were oficially been pimped! :)



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    Thanks. You are doing pretty kool stuff by yourself! And I love the videos. Very helpfull and it makes me wanna start constructing something...

    Wow! That looks great. Made a unique piece of furniture and used parts that were getting dusty.

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    Thanks for your kind words.

    Fantastic build!! Wow I have never thought of mismatching drawers. Great idea

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    Thanks. I was able to use all the amazing tools and machines at our University..so that helped a lot :)