Picture of Ognite Assemblly Instructions -  Pre Beta
Thanks for attempting to assemble your new Ognite Digital Candle!

Today's technology is so amazingly cheap and capable that easiest way to solve most technology problems is to use more of it. 

The Ognite attempts to buck this trend by being the least it can be. Each part In The Ognite is the cheapest and simplest possible, and it uses the fewest of those parts possible. The entire kit fits neatly into a matchbox, and the matchbox packaging becomes the The Ognite's base and battery. 

Less stuff means more work, and putting together the Ognite is hard. Hopefully your efforts will pay off in a unique handcrafted piece of technology.

I am also hoping that you will find ways to do it better and make it easier for those who come after you. I want any suggestions, comments, or criticisms you think of - on anything from spelling mistakes in the instructions to a better name for the project.

Thanks again!

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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
You will also need a wire nippers to cut the LED leads. A magnifier lamp is also great if you are old like me.

Step 2: What You Got

Picture of What You Got

Step 3: Put five LEDs into the row jig

Picture of Put five LEDs into the row jig
Load a row of 5 LEDs into the row jig. Make sure that the LEDs are oriented that the flat spot of each LED  flange fits into the flat spot in each hole. The LEDs should almost click when they seat into the holes correctly.

Step 4: Bend one of the silver leads about 90 degrees

Picture of Bend one of the silver leads about 90 degrees
BOOM OWWWW1 year ago
What resistors do I use for the led
13, 7:45 PM.jpg13, 7:45 PM.jpg13, 7:45 PM.jpg
bigjosh (author)  BOOM OWWWW1 year ago
The MPU does very high speed (and careful!) PWM on the LEDs to avoid needing any current limiting resistors since they would ruin the whole minimalist design! :)