Oh, I Love Vegan!





Introduction: Oh, I Love Vegan!

Do you flinch when you hear the word ‘vegetable?’ Many of my fellow Western people do so - deep fried food whether at home or in fast food chains and instant food filled with preservatives cater to their modern taste, however, the countdown to narrowing their lifespan quickly runs.

Thanks to my favorite online tutors (not literally) - after reading their E-books, Jessica Brooks, Linda Parker and Ellen Jean Pierre - I got a better understanding and appreciation of the Vegan diet. Now I have deduced everything I learned from them to impart the great diet of the Vegan world.

Step 1:

As a beginner, below are the Super food groups you must include in your vegan diet.

Step 2:

Don’t be afraid to step out your comfort zone and try something new! There are a looooot of delicious Vegan recipes I couldn’t fit in here but I assure you that your Vegan exploration will never be a regret!

Step 3:



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