You can make these out of scrap fabric, old jeans, or the scraps they sell for less than a dollar at the discount stores.  They are cheap, easy and who doesn't want their dog to be warm and cozy in the cold weather! 
I would love to hear some feedback and get a rating if you would! I can learn a lot from those of you who have some tricks and know more about sewing than I do! 

Step 1: What You Will Need:

This is a list of the materials I used, of course you can use any type of fabric you have around or buy some you think would make your dog more comfortable of fashionable. But like I said, I am a cheapskate so I dug through my fabric scraps and old worn out jeans that I had wanted to "recycle" into something, and that is what I chose to use. 
  • Large piece of paper to draw out the pattern, or make a copy of the one I have placed on here and manipulate it to fit your dog's measurements
  • Pencil for pattern making and/or marking down notes
  • Enough fabric to cut a front piece, a back piece and two straps for securing the jacket.
  • Thread to match your chosen fabric
  • Scissors
  • Velcro - to use as closures
  • a measuring tape
  • if you are like me, you might want a seam ripper handy as well.... just in case.
Going to make one for my yellow lab!
Hello! <br>Thank you for this kind of ible! you seem to be a very nice person because dog lovers are kind people! <br>Just want to share what I recently made for my dog. <br>Hand-Sewn!
That is very beautiful.
How adorable!!! If my dam would wear a coat I would have to make hers this way (but she absolutely hates wearing clothes of any kind lol!). I happen to think dog lovers are kind people too:)
Great! a lot of these are for big dogs thanks!
I like simple things that can be made to fit. Dogs are just like people when it comes to there not being a one size fits all!
Great 'ible! You gave lots of details. I can't wait to try this for my pug!
Hope you tried one :)

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