So recently I've found the joy in making Lucky Stars, They are so much fun to make and really adorable. However after making so many of them I needed find a use for them! I love needle tatting, so I combined the two. I also decided after I finished this was perfect decoration to add to my niece's bedroom. The project also gave me time to practice split rings. I will also note it was a  labor love, even if it was time consuming. 

Step 1: Supplies


100 strips of lightweight card stock cut between 1in and 1/2 in. for Origami Lucky Stars[100 stars makes about 4 feet of garland, this may vary depending on how long you want to make your garland, the number is only a suggestion.]

Crochet Cotten size 10
Tatting needle size 5
Head pins
Round tip Pliers 
Wire Cutters

**Martha Stewart Glitter paint [I used Cotton Candy Pink, Amethyst and Sugar Cube]
**Paint Brush
Got it. I will use them to decorate my bedroom.
Thank you! I really enjoyed making this, I want to make second one with blue and white stars and hang little clouds from it.
That's adorable! What a great way to use them. :)

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