Picture of Lucky Star Garland
So recently I've found the joy in making Lucky Stars, They are so much fun to make and really adorable. However after making so many of them I needed find a use for them! I love needle tatting, so I combined the two. I also decided after I finished this was perfect decoration to add to my niece's bedroom. The project also gave me time to practice split rings. I will also note it was a  labor love, even if it was time consuming. 
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

100 strips of lightweight card stock cut between 1in and 1/2 in. for Origami Lucky Stars[100 stars makes about 4 feet of garland, this may vary depending on how long you want to make your garland, the number is only a suggestion.]

Crochet Cotten size 10
Tatting needle size 5
Head pins
Round tip Pliers 
Wire Cutters

**Martha Stewart Glitter paint [I used Cotton Candy Pink, Amethyst and Sugar Cube]
**Paint Brush

Step 2: Fold your Stars

Picture of Fold your Stars
Lucky Star Instructions

1.Make a loop with your strip of card stock

2.Make a knot from the loop.

3.Pull out the of the paper from the knot out.

4.Tuck your edge into an opening.

5.Fold over the pentagon shape wrapping your paper around.

6.Tuck the end piece into an opening.

7.Pinch the sides of the pentagon to puff the star.

8.Lucky star is complete!

Now make about 100 or so more, the amount depends on the length of the garland.

Step 3: Paint the Stars

Picture of Paint the Stars

1. Coat the stars in as many or as little coats of glitter paint as you'd like.

Step 4: Load your thread

Picture of Load your thread
1. Thread your tatting needle leaving a very long tail, about 8 feet is what i worked with.

2. Puncture each star with needle slide onto the thread.

ATatteredCanvas (author) 3 years ago
Got it. I will use them to decorate my bedroom.
ATatteredCanvas (author) 3 years ago
Thank you! I really enjoyed making this, I want to make second one with blue and white stars and hang little clouds from it.
That's adorable! What a great way to use them. :)