This Instructable shows the basic steps of how to attach an old and beat up found-by-the-side-of-the-road oil cap onto a cheap belt buckle.

The saga: Ok, so its not much of a saga. I was in town about a week ago, and one of my friends randomly hands me this old beat up oil cap and tells me that he found it on the side of the road, and that I should carry it for him. The cap languished in the bottom of my backpack for a few days, and then I unearthed it while looking for my awesome headphones i made . Upon seeing it, this idea popped into my head. Soooooooo..... here we go!

This buckle is a a great visual pleaser, plus it makes a great gift for geeks and gear-heads alike.

Step 1: Materials

You need:

  • A belt buckle: I used the simple flip-open kind, as you will see in the pictures.These are common and can be found in most accessory stores, they are intended for cloth belts.
  • A belt that fits the buckle.
  • A small screw: available anywhere screws are sold/bartered/found.An oil cap: Easier to find than you might think. Ask around, you can probably get one for free. Mechanics shops probably have a whole box of them just lying around the shop, and a junkyard would be sure to have one. Or, you could search the side of the road until you get lucky. If all else fails, you can take one from your roommates/spouses/younger siblings/boss's car. (use discretion)

Note: My oil cap was plastic, so I just used a screw to attach it. Your cap could be metal, or both metal and plastic. It is kind of open-ended how you attach it, but epoxy or other things would great too.

<p>you could replace the oil sign with a vault # (number not hash tag) from fallout and then paint it</p>
<p>That is a really good idea! I'm kind of a fallout nerd so I like it. Make one and I'll give you a pro membership! </p>
your not the only one planning to be an engineer what kind of engineer im lookin to be a mechanical engineer <br>
I want to be a mechanical/electrical engineer of some kind, but that may change, because i am not yet decided on my major. I might go into design instead. Its still up in the air, but whatever i do, i want to make stuff.
Sweet sauce!
i was surprised to scroll down here and not find a single dipstick joke....
I am stunned that i didn't think of putting one in the text. <br><br>Good call.
just dont let anyone &quot;check your oil&quot;<br>
I was most definitely anticipating that one.
I love this! Thanks for sharing!
No problem.
This is really really cool <br>
Thank you.
Nicely done, that is a really cool repurposing!
Thank you. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but it ended up being better than i thought!
I like how you were able to keep the opener funtcion
Yeah, me too. It took me a few years to figure out what it was.

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