Picture of Oil Changing Accessories
Some accessories make changing the oil in your automobile easier.

The opening in the top of my engine ('99 Olds Alero) will hold a quart oil container, but it is not easy to pour without spilling, at least until the oil is able to drain from the container as shown in the photo.

Step 1: A funnel helps

Picture of A funnel helps
The natural solution is to use a funnel But, the funnel cannot go far enough into the opening on the engine to be stable and support the oil container well. The container in the photo appears to be well supported, but it is also empty. In practice, the container and the funnel fall off of the engine.
drgabler3 years ago
Its a caltrop! Love the reuse of a ancient weapon. Still does not drain the filter all the way for me though.
gr33ko4 years ago
Good stuff but an easy trick i've learned is to take that oil bottle that fits oh-so-perfectly in your valve cover and cut the bottom off. Put that in there next time you change your oil and stick the new bottle right inside of it!
TinKicker4 years ago
You suggest some handy timesaving devices. They fall into the simple and elegant category. I recycle a lot of filters for the scrap steel, and I can see having rows of those filter stands doing their jobs. Thanks.
Phil B (author)  TinKicker4 years ago
Thank you for your comment. Assuming you have access to a welder, you could make a few filter stands designed to hold several filters each. 3/8 inch concrete rebar is cheap at Home Depot. Cut four pieces about 4 inches long each. Weld them in pairs to make two inverted "V"s for the legs. Weld a piece 15 to 20 inches long between the inverted "V"s. Cut as many pieces as will fit about 5 inches long each and weld them so they rise vertically from the long piece between the two inverted "V"s for legs. Stick an old filter on each vertical piece. Put the whole thing over a large enough pan.