Picture of Oil Jug Speaker
This instructable shows how to make a speaker out of a reused oil jug and some various other upcycled parts.
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Step 1: Parts & Tools

Picture of Parts & Tools

oil jug
headphone cord
paper towel tube
Elmer's spray-on adhesive (similar to plasti-dip)

utility knife
soldering iron
philips screwdrivers


Step 2: Marking and Cutting the Jug

Picture of Marking and Cutting the Jug
Since the speaker was the same size around as a CD,  I decided to use a CD as a template. I found where I wanted the speaker, lined up the CD and marked around it with a marker. Next I took my utility knife and cut along the line.

Step 3: Cleaning the Oil Jug

Picture of Cleaning the Oil Jug
After cutting the hole for the speaker I wiped out all the oil with a paper towel, and washed it out with dawn dish soap.

Step 4: Glueing In the Bass Reflect

Picture of Glueing In the Bass Reflect
Now that the inside surface is free of oil it is time to glue in the bass reflect. I used elmers spray adhesive to glue it in place. (Plasti-dip spray should also work)

Step 5: Preparation for Wiring

Picture of Preparation for Wiring

To prepare for the wiring I punched a hole just below the handle on the oil jug for the headphone wire. After that tied a knot in the wire to prevent the wire from ever being pulled out.

Step 6: Punching Pilot Holes for the Screws

Picture of Punching Pilot Holes for the Screws
To make it easier to drive in the screws in, I punched holes with a small phillips screwdriver. You might want to remove the speaker when you are punching the holes so you don't accidently punch holes in the speaker too.

Step 7: Screwing the Speaker In

Picture of Screwing the Speaker In
Put the speaker back in the hole and make sure the holes in the oil jug line up with the holes in the rim of the speaker. Screw in the screws.

Step 8: Try it out

Picture of Try it out
Plug it into your ipod, Mp3 player, or stereo and crank it up. It sounds great; a lot better than I ever thought it would.

Cool build!
DIY Dave (author)  johnny_crapcakes2 years ago
LinkTGF3 years ago
Is there a video you can link to so we can hear how it sounds?
DIY Dave (author)  LinkTGF3 years ago
No, there isn't. I don't have a video camera and so I would have to record it on a digital camera, which would not sound good.