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Uh oh!! The power went out and we don't have a generator or any good flashlights around! We need some light!! Oh I know I'll go get my HOMEMADE OIL LAMP!!!!All u need to make this is any type of glass bottle with a metal cap, an old cotton t-shirt,and probably some scissors or something to cut the tshirt into a strip.and a knife to cut a slit in the cap. Put some lamp oil in it and the wick (t-shirt) will soak up and then u put the strip into the slit.and there u have it a lamp.



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    Yah i didnt figure that out until after i posted it!

    Using a mobile device you can still document in steps and include more pictures...

    Please like!!

    I know this didn't come out in steps but that's because I posted this off my iPod and not a computer..