I love carrots in all forms: grilled, stir-fried, raw, and juiced. Oil-poaching carrots concentrates their flavor without caramelizing or browning the sugars. Adding a bit of sea salt and raw garlic results in a highly flavorful dish that highlights good carrots and is straightforward to prepare.

I was inspired by a fennel purée recipe that's part of a Bison, Beets, Blueberries, and Burning Cinnamon dish from the Alinea written up in the Alinea Cookbook.  In it, fennel bulbs are simmered in butter until tender, and then puréed. Here, I intended to purée the carrots, but found that they were more interesting just poached.

Step 1: Wash, Peel, and Chop the Carrots

Wash, peel, and coarsely chop the carrots.  I often weigh the carrots to help me better estimate how much salt and garlic to add.  In the images, I'm using around half a kilogram.
<p>Thanks for posting this! I wanted a different way than I usually prepare carrots and this looks yummy. Making for today's Easter dinner.</p>
Looks tasty :)<br><br>Whats the difference between 'poached in oil' and 'deep fat fried'<br>Im wondering if its the same thing, or whether poaching means a lower temperature. <br>Or maybe its just a US/UK language difference?<br><br>Thanks
In this recipe, I'm using a lower temperature than one would use to fry carrots.
They're still deep fried, just at a lower temperature. (I mean let's call a spade a spade and a shovel a shovel)...after that it's all academic.
FYI, words means things. <br>Poaching is cooking between 160 - 185 degrees. <br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poaching_(cooking) <br>Frying is cooking at temperatures higher than that...
&nbsp;i hate carrots(!!!) but good instructable anyway.
A very easy way to roast garlic too!&nbsp; I do this same method of the&nbsp;low and slow good oil&nbsp;using garlic cloves, whole and UNPEELED.&nbsp; After the peels start turning brown, take them out and drain the infused oil.&nbsp; Then the garlic will pop out of the skins with a squeeze at one end.&nbsp; It is sweet and mild, not to mention soft enough to mash into some butter for garlic bread spread...&nbsp; If it makes it that far.&nbsp; I usually eat half of it before it can get room temp.&nbsp; I bet I can do the carrots and garlic at the same time... ^ ^
Garlic sounds fantastic!&nbsp; I've roasted peeled garlic with olive oil in the oven, but you're right, I&nbsp;should just drop a head of garlic in the oil the next time I&nbsp;do carrots. &nbsp;<br />
I forgot the easy tip:&nbsp; break up the clove of garlic and cut the crusty end off them first.&nbsp; The soft cloves will just squeeze out later when you pinch the other end.&nbsp; You can also watch the smaller ones and take them out before they burn.
Oooooo &lt;3 Carrots !<br />
What's the caloric content of this?&nbsp; Like how much oil gets absorbed as the water seeps out.&nbsp; Does it compare to frying, calorically-speaking?<br />
I&nbsp;estimate the carrots to have more oil then properly fried food, but less than improperly fried food.&nbsp; There's definitely oil in them, but probably no more than mashed potatoes with butter.<br />
Superb....<br /> We did a dish like this at the place place I worked at, but we added some finely sliced shallots to the oil as well as cumin and coriander seeds. &nbsp;We served it cold with a big dollop of saffron infused yoghurt on top&nbsp;
I'm hoping you'll post some of your recipes soon!<br />
&quot;Confit&quot; - that's the word isn't it?<br /> <br /> L<br />
Confit is using an animal's own fat to cook the meat, very similar, only this is vegetarian version.
Isn't that a method of storage?&nbsp; <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Looks REAL&nbsp;good.&nbsp;&nbsp; I&nbsp;use EVOO for most of my own cooking requiring oils (since I&nbsp;don't deep fry nor &quot;pan&quot; fry anything for heath reasons &amp; the higher temps can make Olive oil smoke).&nbsp;&nbsp; I even spritz my air-popped popcorn with OVOO rather then butter to cut down on the saturated fats. <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
This looks tasty! :D<br /> <br /> There's a mistake on the third line, you wrote &quot;highly very&quot;....<br />
You are quite the cook, aren't you?
Looks nice, but it's my dad's idea of hell.<br /> He's in Vietnam at the moment, and being offered a carrot shake warranted a special mention in his blog.<br />
I will be giving this recipe to my mom for our Thanksgiving dinner!&nbsp; We usually have about 16-18 people for dinner, so I know they will all love this recipe.&nbsp;&nbsp; My mom makes a root vegetable dish with beets, potatoes, turnips, sugarbeets, and some more.&nbsp; I will tell her to add this.&nbsp; Looks delicious!<br />

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