Oil Pulling





Introduction: Oil Pulling

Whitens Teeth and Gets Rid of Bad Bacteria!!!!!

Step 1: Pick an Oil

Use a vegetable based oil but not Vegetable Oil. I know ow it sound sound weird but Veggie oil sucks!!! it's full of toxins and causes many health problems. veggie oil might do the exact opposite of t he intended goal. P.S. I use coconut oil cuz it is like liquid gold as a medicine but not as expensive. Also sunflower oil is also a good one.

Step 2: One to Two Tsp

Get about one or two tsp o oil. I just guesstimate with a spoon. More does not mean a Bette r job it's just a preference. I tried two at first but decided on just one in the end.

Step 3: SWISH!!!!!

put ur oil in you mouth and SWISH for 20 minutes no more no less. if u do it less time ok u won't get all the bacteria, if u do it more time, you will absorb the bacteria back into your mouth.

Step 4: Spit

Spit and rinse with warm water

Step 5: Brush Ur Teeth!

do I have to explain further

Step 6: Smile and Repeat Tomorrow

it will that a little while but it works. the best time to do this is first thin in the morning before you eat or Drink anything.



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    yes there was a doctor who did an experiment in the 1990's for this discovery, so I encourage you to look it up. in some hospitals it is prescribed as a medicine. that's about all I know about it but FYI got my source form the site Wellness Mama. I love her and I have have tried a lot of her recipes so I trust the source.But still, I encourage you to look into it. If anything it won't hurt to do it because coconut oil is like a magic drug.

    I think the burden of proof required on this site is a little bit higher than 'I read it on the internet.'

    20mins to clean your teeth? Seems a awfully long time

    1 reply

    Yes 20 minutes is a long time but it makes your mouth feels so much better and your teeth come out really really smooth. I like doing it I do it everyday. But yeah I do it everyday and I do it in the morning or if I don't eat a lot for lunch I'll do it in the afternoon if I skip the morning.

    20 minutes a day is an awfully long time. Do you do this every day? Congratulations on your first Instructable!

    1 reply

    I had just started this method but yes you're supposed to do it everyday. But you can go a day or two without doing it, it won't kill you lol.