I had an oil drum sitting outside rusting for the last couple of years and i never really new what to do with it.! that was until i had a brainwave and decided i wanted a fire pit for the garden.
I wanted something we could all sit around and keep warm in the summer evenings.!

Step 1: Find Your Oil Drum.

The oil drum i had lying around was a 55 gallon oil drum which was the perfect size for a small little fire in the garden. i wanted to add a twist to the typical fires you see so i decided to add something that would keep myself and any guests entertained.! :)

<p>Thats great work, really well done limer_10 :). I was thinking of making something like for a friends birthday. I am just wondering how long something would last before burning out? </p><p>Thanks.</p>
<p>Great I'ble. </p>
<p>I live in NJ and work in NY, I love this, not in a macabre sort of way. I have to ask though, I'm a woman and wonder how much brute strength it took to cut into the metal. </p>
Here are some of the fire drums I have done love your work mate
<p>Thanks:) Those are brilliant man.! can i ask how you cut out the designs.?</p>
<p>Great Workz !! Thankz</p>
<p>I like it! Must be great to see the flames behind these skylines</p>
<p>Yeah creates a really cool effect.:)</p>
<p>Don't let the NSA see this - setting the New York skyline on fire is not a good idea these days... ;-))</p><p>Great job, looks awsome!</p>
<p>bahaha no probably not a good idea.! Thanks.:)</p>
<p>One of the awesomenessest I'bles of the year. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell done!!!</p>
<p>thanks a million.:)</p>
<p>fantastic idea! Just got a drum after seeing this to have a play with. Many thanks!</p>
<p>thanks.:) let me no how it turns out.!</p>
Wow.... what an awesome use of a burn barrel. Looks great and you did a fabulous job.

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