Oil Lamp With Three Matches





Introduction: Oil Lamp With Three Matches

You can make an oil lamp from just three matches. This is also a good way to recycle used cooking oil. Most oils will burn well in this type of oil lamp and three matches tends to be the magic number to get a good lasting flame.

What you need are:
1.  A book of paper matches.
2. A piece of wire, like a twist tie or copper wire.
3. A bowl or jar with cooking oil in it.

Assemble by tying the three matches together with wire and make a loop so they will stand up in the oil. Then put them in the oil and light.

Step 1: Tie Together Matches

Assemble by tying the three matches together with wire and make a loop so they will stand up in the oil.

Step 2: Light

Then put the matches in the oil and light.



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Should the wick be completely immersed in the oil? :/ Or is the top out?

Yep the top of the wick should be above the oil. So for this kind of lamp the top three match heads should be above the oil. After you light them, they will burn themselves down to a height that works.

very nice. very easy. we used to make a lamp with a shoelace hanging off the edge of a saucer of butter. once the thing gets warm, the butter melts into oil and feeds the shoelace wick. (where were in a place where they turned the lights out at 10pm and we didn't have flashlights) this would have been easier.

That's interesting. I've made lamps using butter too, but always butter that's been boiled a little. I boil butter before hand because stick butter has moisture in it which eventually saturates the wick putting it out.

i did something similar using candle wax and a bbq stick. when the wax melted i coated the stick with it and then i lit the tip of the stick using the candle and voila a lighting stick and be careful because when the wax north of the stick melt and when it reaches the flame it ignites and makes a great drop of liquid fire effect

Doesn't the burning of cooking oil cause a large amount of black soot to be formed? Shouldn't you be using lamp oil?

if you are worried about soot, use oxygern, blow it on the flame


LOL, the classic oxygen and a candle... Been there, done that...  :D