Picture of Oil, oil filter and air filter change on  a Citroen C3 2006-2008
The Citroen C3 is a nice car, my only real grumble currently is that there is no Haynes manual out yet and it keeps being delayed.

So I'm writing up some of my notes as instructables on things as I do them, this should be a basic guide to success but hopefully the comments will help give some hints and tips of how to do things quicker and easier. 

  • 15/16" Socket - For the sump plug, I think 22mm is the exact size but I didn't have one.
  • 27 mm Socket  - for the oil filter housing.
  • Old washing up (or shallow >5l) bowl.
  • Rags/old newspaper - Because it'll drip and be messy.
  • Philips screw driver - For the air filter housing. Please read the step, I'm hoping somebody will be able to share an easier way than I found.

  • New filter - There are two sizes, my handy local spares shop sold me both and refunded the one I didn't need. For the 1.4l petrol I used unipart  UGCGFE585
  • New oil - I think this depends on where you are in the world (temperature) I used 5/40 because it gets chilly here in winter and it's what the book said.
  • New air filter - unipart UGCGFE2570
jhig12 years ago
To avoid the problem with the 2 accursed rear screws on the air filter housing, remove the entire air filter housing from the car like so:
1. Remove the plastic battery covers.
2. Disconnect the big plastic pipe leading into the front of the air filter box.
3. Use a flathead screwdriver to undo the (jubilee?) clip where the rear of the air filter box connects to the engine intake.
4. Disconnect the rear air filter box connection by pushing the rear of the air filter box to the right, then lift the air filter box up and out (may take a little gentle wiggling).
5. Now you can undo the screws on the air filter box with ease.

Reinstall using the reverse procedure.
cbm104 (author)  jhig12 years ago
Cool, thanks!
jhig12 years ago
Be careful when re-inserting the sump plug and tightening it, to avoid damaging the thread on the sump (a previous dealer service on my C3 has damaged the sump thread so that I now have to use a sealant with the sump plug). The sump seems to be aluminium, which is much softer than the steel sump plug.