Being relatively new to a machine shop environment, one thing that can be heard above all other information is that everything must be oiled well. When something goes wrong it is typically improper use, or a lack of oiling. In the manual it states that the spindle must be oiled daily, the ways must be oiled each hour and there are two other reservoirs that need oiling each week! Now, at least at TechShop, the weekly and daily oiling are taken care of. If something goes wrong however, it is important to know how to remedy a problem that comes up!

Step 1: Knowing the Atatomy

First and most importantly, refer to the owner's manual of whatever machine you are working on before preforming maintenance. While oiling is a very simple task, it is important to pay attention to what kind of oil that particular machine requires, where each resvoir is and the frequency of oiling. For the Jet Mills here at TechShop San Jose (Model JTM-4VS), I have included the proper page that has all of this information. 

At TechShop, all of the necessary oil is provided and labeled for the members use, don't hesitate to ask a DC if you have any questions regarding the process! 
Also grease your ball screws. They are the heart of your machine.
If you want to be really anal you should cover your mill. In a member shop it wouldn't be so bad either, as long as the members did all the covering, and uncovering. heh

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