Introduction: Old Age Makeup

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Here is a tutorial on how to create old age makeup.

Step 1: Materials

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Step 2: Primer

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To begin, put a light primer to cover the whole face.

Step 3: Foundation

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Next, add a dark foundation on top of the primer all over the face.

Step 4: Dark Lines

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Make dark lines on these places:

Outside of mouth
Under the eyes
Outside of the eyes
Jaw lines
chin line

Make these lines with either a really dark primer (shown in the picture) or really dark eye shadow.

Step 5: Blend

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Next, blend the lines with a wedge to make it look more natural.

How to blend:

1. Take the triangular wedge
2. Stroke the lines downward if you are doing the lower face
3. Stroke upward if you are doing the upper half of the face. (nose and up)

Step 6: Neck

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Next, make line on the neck as shown. Then blend with a wedge. Don't forget the two small lines in between the two neck lines. Make the lines with the same dark foundation or dark eye shadow you used for the face highlights.

Step 7: Eye Shadow

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Put a shade of eye shadow on the lid of each eye and blend with a wedge. Make sure the eye shadow color is lighter than the face lines.

Step 8: Under Eye

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Put black or really dark brown eye shadow under the eye line. Make sure to blend the eye shadow all the way under the eye to make the light under your eye go away.

Step 9: Final Product

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