This is my first intructables, so please forgive any mistake and hope you like it! (Love your web page!!!)
Few weekends ago I was trying to find on the net some knobs to put on a old JVC amplifier my and my girlfriend found on the street... God I love London...
The small ones (2.5cm) where reasonable cheap and easy to find but I couldn't find any of 5cm...
So at last I decided to do them myself.
So here it comes:

Step 1: The Knobs

1st: I decided to use the wood i had in my shed witch was plywood (you can also use MDF, depending on the finish you want once you going to paint it). I used a set of drills as shown in the picture. Be careful if you not using the central drillbit, it stars to spin really badly sometimes. There is other fix drillers you can use if you have them.
2nd: When I had the knobs cut I filled the little holes with filler i did myself using some wood dust from my sander and wood glue. Mix half and half (a bit less of glue) and apply.
3rd: Make some holes in the middle, use a ruler to do this. Use a drill bit about 5mm
4rd: Once is dry (allow a day) sand it. Cut a hexagonal metric screw and itroduce it on the hole so you can use it with the driller as shown on picture 06. I stapled some sanding paper (120 to start) to a peace of wood and I put some clothes in between to not be so scuare.
5th: I sanded with 600 sanding paper by hand to finish it.
Ugly color, but nice job.<br>
with a little work you could make these look like metal ones. :)
I know! But I didn't mean to, remember that this one was for my girlfriend. She is so happy with pink stuff... I also sugest if you need them to look metalik use MDA. Much easier to work with and paint. Thanks to all! Xxx
Nice job! I would have made metal ones on a lathe, but for most people this is the best alternative
i would've gone metal too personally, but i can't lathe stuff. i would've looked around the hardware stores for options though i think. still, entirely adequate solution to the problem :) (ps linuxh4x0r, maybe you could do something about using a lathe)
I don't actually have a lathe, I just use a drill press :p

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