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Introduction: Old Computer Parts

I have an oold computer that doesnt work so i gutted all the main components and took them out. I was wondering if any1 could help me come up with an idea using these things.



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    These looks like parts from a Dell Optiplex.

    It's Dell Dimension 4300. I think I go it in 2002.. I think

    2002? We have a computer I'm taking apart at the moment which has a little sticker on the floppy drive saying "manufactured June 1997". It was running Windows 95 when I blew up the power supply.

    I'm feeling older for reading this. Not going to admit to the average age of the computer grave yard in the attic..... haha one or 2 still have 5 1/4 floppy.

    Good luck replacing the motherboard. Dell makes their cases impossible to be swapped for different boards. Different sizes, different mount points...

    how about a webserver or a ftp server always handy to know and btw this aint really oldschool oldschool is something like a zx sinclaire, comedore 64 or a 8080 cpu based pc :P

    What Is the Cost Of Dell Latitude 600C

    if the hard drives still work you could put them in a good computer for more GB's of HD space.

    Why don't you make an old-school computer with the parts? You could load up an older OS and make the computer a dedicated jukebox, picture slideshow or arcade (MAME) machine; you know, for parties.

    that's a great idea. i was thinking of something like that myself, but like a picture slideshow. the only thing is i had a tech guy look at it and he said the motherboard was a messed up. so that's why i took it apart. i dont know if i should buy another motherboard.