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If you were like me, you struggle in the workshop keeping everything organized while you were working on your projects. As a result I'm always looking four different methods to help keep me organized while I am working. Using an old pair of jeans that were laying around I wanted to make a tool bib that I could carry around my hardware and other small tools on any of my belts. If you'd like to see more please read on.

Step 1: Materials

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For this project all you will need is some old blue jean material, from scissors, & a sewing machine.

Step 2: Sew the Belt Loop

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In this step will be making the sleeve that I can use to attach this tool bib any of my belts. Because I have belts of varying widths, I made it a little wide to accommodate them.

Step 3: Sewing the Sides

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In this step I closed up both sides of the denim in preparation to make up the pocket. These were double stitched to prevent any tearing or spilling out of the sides. The stitching may not be pretty but it is effective.

Step 4: Opening the Pocket

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At this point in time, the entire tool bib is sewn shut. To open up a pocket that can be use for tools, I used my scissors to cut a small hole in the center. Be careful that you're only cutting through the first layer of fabric as you don't want to completely separate the pocket from the belt sleeve. Once completed, I completely opened up the front of the pocket using my scissors.

Step 5: Making Individual Pocket

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Because I wanted two smaller pockets rather than one large pocket help keep everything else organized, I just decided to so stitches right down the middle to separate them out. Again this is double stitched to prevent any tearing.

Step 6: String Your Belt and You're Finished

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All that's left to do is to feed your belt through the sleeve, tighten the belt, and get to work. This quick tool bib will help you to organize and keep everything right where you want it. Thanks for reading.


BeachsideHank (author)2015-09-01

I'd like to make a custom tool rollup of Denim for my edged cutters like reamers to keep them safe, for me getting fabric from thrift stores is no problem but I just don't have a sewing machine which is the equipment of choice for a proper job.

BeachsideHank (author)blkhawk2015-09-01

Thanks, that last one is my dream come true. ☺

seamster (author)2015-09-01

Hey, you must be related to SNLouise! I recognize that great old sewing machine from her projects! :)

blkhawk (author)2015-09-01

Congratulations on your idea! Could I suggest using buckles like this one: ?

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