Picture of Old Dress to New Apron

Here is a great way to reuse what you already have to create something new.   Turn any old dress or skirt into an apron!  What makes this easier than sewing from new materail is that the dress already fits you (or once did)  so you don't need to worry about sizes!

Be sure to check out what you can find at thrift stores, this is a simple gifts idea for the new bride or for a great dirty santa gift!  Get creative! 

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Step 1: Dig

Picture of Dig
*Rummage through your closet and find a dress you no longer wear, or find an old skirt and an old belt to go with it.  I chose a couple items I could no longer wear, and one dress that I couldn't part with even though I couldn't wear it any more.  :)  

Step 2: Chop it up!

Picture of Chop it up!
* I first began with the skirt by decideding how much I wanted to cut away in the back.  I then cut out that chunck of fabric. 

* I did the same with the dress but it was a little more complicated.  Since there are a number of ways you can tie the strings in the back be sure to think about how you want your apron to tie off.  I chose the standard neck opening and tie at waist style.  You could also do a one tie similar to that of the Bath and Bodyworks aprons that criscross over the back and then tie- this allows the apron to fit to whoever may be wearing it.

* Anyway, cut the dress to the style of tie you want.  I cut up the back of my dress and then near the waist seem and up the edge of the back- I folded that portion over to get the same cut on the other side.

Thank you for getting my creative juices flowing again! I was looking for a easy & unique sewing project for me to test out my new Serger with, AND I FOUND IT. Your right, this would make a great gift!

ashuavr1 year ago
All the best for creative works!