I wanted my rats to have lots of room to roam. I hit Craigslist and found this old dresser! This dresser had 9 drawers and now its down to 4. 

I chose to build this kind of cage because wire cages that you can buy from a pet store are expensive and are bad for the rats feet. 

In total, I believe i spent under $35!

It's not only a cage, but an accent to our living area!

Step 1: Drawers

For the two large drawers I cut the sides in the middle off for better access. The middle drawer has one side cut also. This drawer acts as the "potty". 
For all of the drawers, I went to my local hardware store and purchased sticky tile. This makes the cage extremely easy to clean!
The picture shown is the top drawer of the cage. This were they usually sleep. 
All the drawers can be pulled out!
Good luck on the Pets Challenge.
This is a great ible.

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