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An old rusty looking farm I made a month or 2 back. I saw this competition on reddit and decided to go for the win, so I went into singleplayer to make a new world, but saw this world save sitting there and decided it could be just the thing.


Professormajack (author)2015-10-03

i love it although the windmill should be taller

seamster (author)2014-12-17

Looks cool!

Hey, if you added some additional steps showing the details of how you made this, that would be awesome. Or, just do that for your next Minecraft build! ;)

SamF6 (author)seamster2014-12-26

I planned to, but i ended up forgetting to add the steps in. if there is a way to change a post i will try to do.

seamster (author)SamF62014-12-26

Yes, you can make changes. You can always open up your instructables to edit. You can add more steps, photos, text, etc. Look for the edit button next to your project where it is listed on your profile page. Good luck!

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