This recipe is a slight variation of the basic Bisquick biscuit recipe. I'm not sure when my family adopted this recipe but Bisquick has been on the market since 1931 and it's probable that this "easy way" to make biscuits was discovered shortly after it was available. 

This year when we went home for the holidays my mom decided to introduce the next generation to the process and taught three year old Obie how to make them. It was fun to see and surprising how quickly she caught on. The recipe is about as easy as it gets but there are a couple of equally easy missteps that can make the biscuits turn out like hockey pucks. 

...but I suppose we can now say for sure it's so easy a three year old can do it. 

Step 1: Ingredients and Other Things You'll Need

 2 cups Bisquick
1/4 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup milk

Flour for rolling the dough 

Medium sized baking sheet
2 inch round cookie cutter
Parchment to line the baking sheet
A fork 
A mixing bowl

You'll also need a rolling pin, wine bottle or some other suitable object to use rolling out the dough 

That birthday meal I just commented upon, on the French Onion soup entry, well I also made him biscuits, because he loves those too. I put fresh ground black pepper right into the biscuit dough, along with fennel seed, them were transcendent.<br><br>If fennel doesn't float your boat, you could used almost any other herb or spice that floats yer boat. But the pepper, the pepper added zing!
If you don't have Bisquick (which is a convenient thing to have on hand), you can make your own:<br /><br />1C Flour<br />1 1/2tsp Baking Powder<br />1/2tsp Salt<br />1 TBS Shortening<br /><br />
Nice! I'll have to add that to the Instructable.
Any &quot;biscuit&quot; you have to have a &quot;biscuit cutter&quot; for isn't a biscuit. I'm an old country girl who has always made her biscuit from scratch. It ain't hard and doesn't include a bunch of ingredients. You don't roll em out, over worked dough makes for tough biscuits. Just pinch off a ball of dough, flatten it out, put it in the biscuit pan and turn it over. Pat some flour on the place you pinched, turn the dough and pinch another daub off. Why do ya have to make it hard?
Awesome! I'll look forward to seeing your Instructable. As the saying goes, there's more than one way to skin a cat!
Once they are baked, no one will ever know the difference. But I do prefer to bake them from scratch since we use all the basic ingredients anyway in other things. One less thing to buy at the store.
Bsem privet!!!
mm , i wanna eat

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