Introduction: Old Fashioned Lemon Pie

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Are you a cake loving nerd? Then you’ve come to the right place! This is the merger of Math, Physics
and Cake – The core of every engineer - and what’s not to like?

I’m crazy about lemon, and would usually use this for dinner guests or birthday parties.
This pie has a perfect balance of crumbly crust, lemon filling and a sweet and soft layer of meringue. It’s my favorite, so I hope you’ll try it. Anyway – let’s get started!

The pie consists of three parts, and each contains some different ingredients:

Shortcrust pastry:

- 300 g of flour

- 200 g of butter

- 100 g of sugar

Lemon filling:

- Lemon juice from 2 lemons (Preferably organic, then you can use it for the next ingredient too)

- Grated lemon peel from 1 organic lemon

- 100 g of sugar

- 2 eggs

- 4 egg yolks

- 2 dl of cream


- 3 egg whites

- 100 g of sugar

Step 1: Shortcrust Pastry

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The shortcrust pastry is my favorite dough recipe. It’s super simple: Mix the flour and sugar, then use your hands
to mix the butter into the dough. The butter can come straight of the refrigerator: Your hands will quickly heat it and make it easy to work with. When The butter, flour and sugar are combined into a nice and smooth dough, put it in the refrigerator to cool off a bit. In the mean time you can get started with the lemon filling!

Step 2: Lemon Filling

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The lemon filling needs lemons, so start out by grating the peel of 1 organic lemon. (It is easier to do this before you cut the lemon, so start out with this.) After you’re done grating, cut the 2 lemons in half and squeeze out the juice.

Mix the peel and juice in a bowl, then add the other ingredients and mix. Keep mixing until there’s a bit of foam on the surface.

Step 3: Baking

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It’s time to bake the cake. Find a nice pie dish and cover the inside in butter. Then spread the dough on the inside of the dish. You can use time rolling it out and shaping it on a kitchen table before putting it on the dish, but in my
experience it works just as well to spread it directly into the dish.

The dough should pre-bake without filling in for 12 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. After the prebaking the dough should have a light golden-brown colour.

Add the lemon filling into the dish, and bake the pie for 25 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

When the pie has been baked it should look golden-brown. The filling will still be very soft inside the cake, but the top should be somewhat firm.

Start making the meringue, when the pie is in the oven.

Step 4: Meringue

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The meringue is very simple, but it takes time to mix it enough so be patient (and use an electric mixer or your arms might just fall of ;-) )

Mix egg Whites and sugar until stiff. If you can turn the bowl with the mixture upside down - without it falling out, then it’s ready.

Then you can decorate your pie. I started out by spreading an even layer of meringue on the pie, and then I made my decoration on top of that. I decided to make a STM related design – making my father really happy. At first there was a bit of discussion whether it was a STM or an AFM cake, but we decided on STM. (Yes - atom
physics makes my dad happy.)

After decorating the pie with meringue, put it back in the oven for a few minutes. The meringue will turn golden and it will give a tiny bit of crust to the top of the cake. Be very careful not to burn the meringue – the sugar will keep burning after you’ve taken it out of the oven.

Step 5: ... and Most Importantly: Eat the Pie!

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Let the pie cool down before eating it. I served it for my family with tea, and it was quite cozy.

That was all for my pie: I hope you will find inspiration in this recipe – stay creative and bon appetite!


luckydogluckydog (author)2016-04-18

how do you change the recipe to cups and teaspoons or tablespoons

giorgia14 (author)2016-04-06

wow this seems so yummy! I will try it in a vegan version!

momoluv (author)2016-04-03

Made my mouth water! It looks so perfect :)

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