Greetings Instructable fans and fanatics!  Today's 'able will teach you how to use old film and crate a fantastic gift bow! 

The school where I work was cleaning house and some old projector film about the moon and planets were getting thrown out.  I snagged them out of the trash before getting dumped in a land fill and knew there had to be something fantastic I can do with them.

After much thought one of my ideas came to life as an upcycled gift bow.

I used this fantastic 'able: How to make a paper Gift Bow (Ribbon)!  To base my idea on.  I will walk you through how I created this fun bow great for any film loving co-worker, friend, family, and other loved ones!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials Needed:

Stapler with staples

Materials you could use but are not imperative:

Clothing Pins
Fantastic idea! It'll make lovely gift bow for my photographer friends! *****
Indeed! Let me know how it turns out and how they liked it!
Thank you. I will. his birthday is in the end of this months! I am sure he will be amazed! :-)

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