Old Kneaded Eraser As Poster Putty





Introduction: Old Kneaded Eraser As Poster Putty

I could explain this tutorial in about a sentence, but where is the fun in that! Since this is my first post, I thought I'd go all out with pictures and stuff to familiarize myself with the process. If you don't want to waste your time, just read the title again.

As I was cleaning/organizing my desk, I found an old kneaded eraser. I figured I just throw it out because they start leaving smudges on your paper and they don't self clean like they're suppose to. Plus they are very inexpensive to replace.

I also gathered a few notes on my desk that I didn't know where to put.

So, put two and two together, you get a solution.

Step 1: Pull

Gather up your old kneaded erasers. Clean out any unwanted hairs, buggers, etc. Pull off a little clump of kneaded eraser, depending on size of object sticking to the wall. In my case, a post-it-note size piece of paper.

Step 2: Stick

Stick to back of poster edges, paper, notes...etc.

Step 3: Place

Place as if you were using normal poster putty.

Step 4: Go Nuts!

Stick whatever you want. I thought the batteries were a cool idea. The quarter may be a bit much, however, it could be a reminder to be frugal with your money! Live that minimalist lifestyle that you crave for!!

Step 5: In a Nutshell

Basically. Use your old kneaded eraser as poster putty. Thanks for your time!



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    My kneaded eraser dried onto my wall, almost impossible to get off without peeling the paint off. Sorry but I do not recommend this

    my teacher stole my kneaded eraser. I hate her for that. That eraser was so much fun too.

    12 replies

    well that's probably why ste took it.

    i dont doubt it, but either wya its a criminal offence, and i shouldve sued =P

    criminal offence? dude you can get those for 15 cents at any office store. lol

    mine was three bucks, but still, she stole it, duhh, i could sue her for theft man =P

    Three bucks? that's a rip. but you might be able to sue.

    My friends psp got taken away... The teacher said he would get it back at the end of the year!

    im pretty sure that had nothing to do with kneaded erasers.

    It didn't, but in the comment I replied to suggested for the guy who's kneaded eraser got taken away to sue the teacher. In my example, my friend actually could have sued the teacher.

    (normal people don't sue teachers for taking away a $1 kneaded eraser...)

    im sure anyone would sue anyone for anything these days =P, and price honestly doesnt matter, if i payed hard earned money for something and a teacher or anyone really, stole it from me than im sure i could at least attempt to press charges. although the judge may throw me out of the court room becasue of the irrelevance of the case but still. she stole it, and that pissed me off, im sure i could have done something to get it back, or make her pay for it. =P

    I bet you were making little sculptures, the reason she took it!

    Ha, I have the same flash drive!
    But mine is a bit modded...

    I checked and so far it's all clear.

    That's good, I was just assumming...since it makes smudges on paper, why wouldn't it do the same to your wall. But I guess different materials change that.

    With me, it only makes smudges if there is pencil on the paper... Or ink...

    how do you kneed an eraser