Picture of Old Man Shoes made from cardboard
2 toned old man shoes57.jpg
2 toned old man shoes58.jpg
2 toned old man shoes61.jpg
2 toned old man shoes62.jpg
here's how I made some shoes from cardboard, I like the look of old man shoes so that's the look I tried to achieve
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Step 1: Supplies and tools

Picture of supplies and tools
I used:
cereal and cracker box cardboard (I needed a little more than once pictured in my supplies pic)  4 boxes should be enough
white glue
small hole punch
paper cutter (used at the end of the project)

Step 2: Trace feet and cut out soles

Picture of trace feet and cut out soles
2 toned old man shoes03.jpg
trace each foot, I did with socks on since I want to wear them with socks  :)

don't trace them too small you want a little extra space around your foot if you plan to put them on and wear them

cut them out and place them back to back to insure they are about the same size and shape if you need to trim them a little do that now

Step 3: Making the heel & some of the top

Picture of making the heel & some of the top
2 toned old man shoes06.jpg
2 toned old man shoes07.jpg
2 toned old man shoes08.jpg
2 toned old man shoes10.jpg
for the heel I used the two flaps from the top of a cereal box, the tabs on them work well for the heel

for the middle part of the shoe I drew a 3 lines on vertical and 2 at a slight diagonal lines (see the photo, it looks like an upside down Y)

Cut out the square around those lines and them cut on those lines, then trace those pieces for the other shoe

When making the pieces for the shoes, I worked in 3rds and I wanted them all to overlap a little.  

randofo4 years ago
So, how do they fit?
..and how durable are they?
INFUSEDgoods (author)  mikeasaurus4 years ago
I won't be dancing or running in them but I can walk in them and stand just fine. I also won't be wearing them outside. After making a pair I thought of a few things to make them more durable... Next time I guess.
INFUSEDgoods (author)  randofo4 years ago
they fit well, did you get to see the pics of me wearing them? I was having trouble uploading them so I took a break and tried again. There are pics now.