here's how I made some shoes from cardboard, I like the look of old man shoes so that's the look I tried to achieve

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

I used:
cereal and cracker box cardboard (I needed a little more than once pictured in my supplies pic)  4 boxes should be enough
white glue
small hole punch
paper cutter (used at the end of the project)

So, how do they fit?
..and how durable are they?
I won't be dancing or running in them but I can walk in them and stand just fine. I also won't be wearing them outside. After making a pair I thought of a few things to make them more durable... Next time I guess.
they fit well, did you get to see the pics of me wearing them? I was having trouble uploading them so I took a break and tried again. There are pics now.<br>

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Bio: I love to reuse things in a way they weren't intended for use. I call my reused items INFUSEDgoods.
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