Introduction: Old Newspaper Placemats and Coaster

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Material Need:

Old Newspaper

Acrylic paint

Paint brushes

White glue


Hot glue gun and Sticks


Step 1: Instructions

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Cut the folded edge off couple section of newspaper and cut those pages in half

star folding the page of the newspaper and glue the edges at the end

making the stripes you needed.

Step 2:

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when you finish folding the page of the newspaper

star weaving from the center outward and glue dots,

where needed to secure your pieces, especially

on the first few strips you put together.

Step 3:

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when you reach the size cut them off the ugly ends and

with another stripe folded in the top

double side glue together to secure them

Now you finish your coaster or placemat applied one coat of white glue,

allowing it to dry completely and added another two coats of white glue and let em dry

paint the coaster and placemat with acrylic paint and add lacquer.


rajiscrafthobby (author)2017-02-27

clever.....nice one

Thanks for checking it out!

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