Introduction: Old Optical Mouse Into High Laser Light WOW!!!

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If u want to make this you will need adult super vison thanks.

Step 1: Things What Do You Need

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3.An optical mouse


5.Screw drivers

Step 2: Step 1.Open the Mouse

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Open mouse with screw driver and remove the scroller and button and glue the wires and magnifier that would be on back you need to glue it that would magnify the light

Step 3: Step:2 Then Tape It

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tape the full circuit and cut the tape where the sensor is to show the laser light

Step 4: Then Modify If You Want And

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Then modify if you want and connect the usb and have fun but this is warning visible or invisible laser radiation

avoid eye or skin exposure to direct or scattered


rheza.rijaya (author)2016-06-25

it is not a laser!!!!

mroshan2 (author)2015-12-06

yeah...its only a red led...not a laser

Chitlange Sahas (author)2015-03-16

Thats Not a Laser !

monop (author)2015-03-02

no it is laser

ssaddler (author)monop2015-03-09

its just a bright red led not a laser??

cuttreetop (author)2015-03-02

That's just a simple LED, it's no Laser

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