Old PC Recycled Regulable Power Supply





Introduction: Old PC Recycled Regulable Power Supply

Recicled old computer Regulable power supply.

For more information visit: Brico3d

Step 1: Electronics1

Identify the wires and eliminate what you don't need.

Step 2: Electronics2

Connect 230V ac input directly with electronic board. Then use the switch to control ON/OFF with green wire.

Step 3: Elecronics3

Build or buy the regulator circuit.

Step 4: Monting1

Mount all electronics like the schematics.

Step 5: Mounting2



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    13 Discussions

    Unless I'm mistaken, your wiring diagram doesn't show a positive input for your regulator circuit?


    1 year ago

    Very well finished ! Does the blue box 3d printed ?

    2 replies

    Thankyou. The blur box is printed by Prusa i3. It is made with five parts, Without screws for mounting.



    1 year ago

    I'm sorry, but that's a pretty bad instructable. When dealing with 230v, you have to be way, way more specific, with more, detailed instructions, in order to prevent people from getting electrocuted or getting this all setup blow up in their hands.

    1 reply

    Thanks for your input. Certainly, to work with 230V ac could be something delicate but I think this project is very simple and it is very difficult to hurt you or to blow up your hands.

    Anyway, I encourage people who do not have sufficient knowledge of electricity to make the project without changing the part of 230V.

    One thing, I would suggest.. Moving the actual On/Off switch to the front panel, and not removing/altering the rear switch. The front (green wire) switch should be as a "stand-by" (put the supply into a sleep mode), and if the rear switch is a DPST (Double-poles, single throw), It's there for a reason! To isolate the entire supply from the mains.=//= Note, that the +5Vsb will always be live, even if the green wire is not connected.

    2 replies

    My initial thought was to plug and unplug the power supply whenever it is used, so there is no problem with the stanby. When I will have the power supply with a fixed installation , I will double switch. Thank you for your input.

    Why not just grab a couple of these I prefer to put a fuse between high voltage and other things .... Get bit a few times and one learns to respect juice 120 240 tingle 480 hurts the rest tends to burn you .


    Where do you get the 28v take off for the LM317 feed?

    1 reply

    Sorry regulator input is 12V I have to change the picture.

    nice! =D

    Welcome to the club: Just a note to let you know I have added this instructable to the collection: Encyclopedia of ATX to Bench Power Supply Conversion

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