Old "Portable" Belt Sander Workbench Mount


Introduction: Old "Portable" Belt Sander Workbench Mount

A friend gave me an old heavy Craftsman portable sander.  The sander was designed for heavy table or even floor sanding.  I never used it due to its heft.  I did want a bench top sander for various projects.  I cleaned up the sander and built a large permanent mount for it.  The project came out pretty well and I look forward to using it.  (I have a CNC project lined up and before that project I wanted to have a sander to help form and finish all of the parts.)

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    I have the same model belt sander. I made a base for mine so I can use it stationary, but mine lays flat with no work rest. Mine is easy to take the sander out of because I use it hand held often too. Let me take a picture of it so you can see what it looks like, the uploader on this site appears to be broken so I put a picture of my sander stand here:


    The PC in the background is for my CNC project I'm working on.

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    Similar idea. And, yep, same sander. Hopefully after the holidays and during the winter months I can get seriously going with this CNC build. Time and money...always a challenge to find both.

    Very cool!

    One time I saw a similar idea (I believe it was in this book) but they had it in more of a box (picture sides and a back on yours). That way they could lay it horizontally or even on a side for more sanding options.

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    Good idea. Thanks for the comments and link. I'll check it out.