Old Republic Separate Power Source Lightsaber !


Introduction: Old Republic Separate Power Source Lightsaber !

I wanted to make a really unique lightsaber. something that not everyone is even aware of. I got my inspiration from reading some of the old star wars books. there is talks of lightsabers that were made originally with separate power sources usually describing something like a pack back power source or scuba tank sort of thing .... I thought it would be kool to see a smaller power source that was located on the arm instead of the back. i feel the aesthetics of the whole thing really work well. i wanted the whole thing to feel older and used, like it has seen a few years of battle at the hand of an experienced jedi. it holds on the arm really well and is actually quite comfortable to hold onto. here are some pictures of the finished lightsaber as well as on a models arm. the whole build took a few weeks of searching for the right pieces. mostly metal parts salvaged from other things. the total weight of this saber is about  2 pounds. that weight really makes the saber feel authentic.

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    2 pounds! Wow and I thought they were called LIGHT sabers

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    the original lightsabers were fought with two-handed because George Lucas wanted them to weigh between 40-45lbs

    Totally awesome, my two hobbies meet each other in a clash of epicness!

    So cool, very creative! Kind of a steampunk feel to it which I like and still very star wars-y which I love! I want one!

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    Now, THAT would be a crossover to die for!

    (different universe, but wtf...)
    Frelling awsome! °_°

    I saw this and instantly thought of paintball and how most of us use remote lines. But I wonder if you could make one of these to fit a smaller CO2 canister? Not 12 gram but also not 12 oz. Something only a little bigger than a 12 gram that you could attach to a pistol?

    In some of the comics based around the ancient Jedi they actually picture some of the lightsabers like this. They were sometimes termed "Protosabers". Check out this page: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Protosaber.

    Your version is really cool, and actually solves a problem that protosabers have always had in my mind. With the power source attached to your belt it seems like it would get in the way. Attaching it to your arm seems a much better option.

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    Thanks for the link and thank you for mentioning Protosaber. I had been kicking myself trying to remember what they were referred to as. I just thought this design made a lot of sense and it was something I always wanted to see. glad you like it

    not with a blade no ... i had a blue LED light inside the hilt and it was working fine but i felt it was to cheesy so i opted to take it out. i think on my next one i will make a cutout window to reveal a power crystal and have that light up.

    Awesome build! I like the use of the braided hose, looks great. I'm not sure where I saw it first but something along the lines of:
    would make a nice power crystal using the led you had already? I used this idea for buttons on a vaguely steam-punk mousey thing, they don't work very well as buttons but do look pretty :)

    Waaaay COOL!

    You could use Fluorescent Tubes which come in many colors. I thank it would look good - and you could add a plastic cover for it.