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Introduction: Old-School Laptop Mod

Ever wanted to take fast notes?

Ever ran out of power or paper?

Build you laptop that works without power for less than 1,-€ (approx. 0.8 US$).

My laptop has officially become the most Old-School of them all!

Technically it is immortal now even though it is also technically obsolete :)

Step 1: Materials

1 scissors


Self adhesive blackboard paper

Cut a piece of blackboard paper to the size of the laptop to make a skin.

Properly clean the laptop cover before attaching.


Step 2: How to Use.... Your Imagination Is the Limit

Take fast notes

Leave notes

Have a match of Tic-Tac-Toe

Paint something

There is no computing limit, no 3 hour battery life, no wifi connectivity :)

It will always work :)



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    Ha ha ha, love this! So simple yet so effective. All you need to do now is turn my tablet into an immortal encyclopaedia.

    Awesome upcycle, I love your text, so much! Thanks for sharing!

    Lol! Such a great idea...and I love theconstructor's mod suggestion...then it would be a tablet and notebook 2-in-1!

    Ha ha :) Good one!

    Maybe next time.

    You could take out all the electronics and replace them with a notebook, so on the outside it looks like a laptop but on the inside its just a notebook.

    Nice job!