Old School Picnic Fun





Introduction: Old School Picnic Fun

Ok so without a lot of money or time off there are still fun things you can do with you family. Last weekend we took the kids to a local park that is tucked away in a lovely spot. It has a nice playground, nature trail, and rabits, birds, squirels, and chipmunks all frequent it aswell. First we went garage saleing and I found this nice big peice of fabric, then we stopped by the house and made some sandwiches, then we headed out for our picnic. That huge peice of fabric came in handy as a makeshift picnic blanket.

Usually picnics are a lunch thing but we decided to do it for dinner. The kids loved sitting and eating outside and watching the bunnies play. After they were done the girls played on the playground and little baby brother fell asleep in the swing. You don't have to spend money, travel far, or something complicated to have fun as a family. This just proves it. :-)



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    You've captured all the good things in life.

    You're so sweet. Thank you very much. :-)